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Amazing Remedy for Reducing Inflammation

Amazing Remedy for Reducing Inflammation I am having some wonderful results with the remedy apis - my new favourite remedy. It is a really useful remedy for people suffering with inflammation whether it be from swollen, sensitive joints with stinging pains, from allergic reactions such as hives or puffy eyelids from hay fever symptoms. It…
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Chronic Fatigue is Not Forever

You know when you are doing well when you go to visit the Doctor and end up giving him the card of your homeopath! One of my patients yesterday was telling me how everyone was noticing how well she looked.  A neighbour even commented that it was good to see her around again.  After 4…
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Hay Fever Relief

Hay Fever Symptoms - Try Homeopathy! Hay fever can be a real nuisance year after year for many people.  Mainstream medication leaves you feeling drowsy yet many people don’t know there is a choice. Homeopathy addresses hay fever by stimulating your own self healing mechanism to realign the irritation levels, so that you are not…
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