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Endometriosis Study

Endometriosis Study with Homeopathy If you suffer from endometriosis and would like the opportunity of four months FREE homeopathic consultations .... please contact me using the form below. This is four months treatment to help relieve pain and help discomfort for sufferers of endometriosis. Homeopathy is a natural medicine which helps promote healing and encourages…
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Managing Menopause

Managing Menopause Some women are lucky enough to sail through menopause while others really suffer.  Generally those who have experienced difficult and painful periods are more likely to suffer with difficult and painful menopause.  With symptoms beginning during the peri-menopause stage as periods begin to become more irregular and scanty.  Eventually the periods cease altogether…
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Pain relief for PMT

Pain relief for PMT 3 in 4 women experience pmt at some stage through their life.  Premenstrual tension can cause intense pain, anxiety, headaches, backaches, stomach cramps, irritation, mood swings and nausea and fainting.  It is often relieved by the onset of the monthly cycle, but for some the pains continue until the bleeding stops.…
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How Can Homeopathy Improve Fertility?

How Can Homeopathy Improve Fertility? When clients come to me asking whether homeopathy can help improve their chances of conception, I am usually very optimistic. Homeopathy helps to rebalance disorder in the body. It helps to set things straight and get systems back on track. There are so many reasons why a person may be…
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