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Cuba treats 11 million people with homeopathy!

Cuba treats 11 million people with homeopathy! Why Cubans no longer have to worry about leptospirosis Leptospirosis was endemic in Cuba, the disease was carried in rodent urine and became widespread in the water system because of the high rainfall seasons and hurricanes causing flooding. Prior to 2007 Cuba imported expensive vaccines which were largely…
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10 Natural Remedies to Clear Up Your Cough!

10 Natural Remedies to Clear Up Your Cough! There are many different causes that result in a cough.  With natural remedies like homeopathy it is important to find the remedy that suit your symptoms.  Your symptoms will differ from other people, that is - the way you cough, when you cough, how you cough, whether you…
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Natural Medicine for Breathing Issues

  A Great Testimonial for homeopathy from the mother of one of my younger clients.  She has now been receiving homeopathic treatment for nine months. "The impact of homeopathy has been life-changing if not life-saving for my daughter!!  I cannot recommend Mary enough for her sensitivity and knowledge.  I hesitate to use the word miracle…
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Breathe Easy

I am lucky enough to be able to meet some wonderful people and help facilitate their return to health through homeopathy.  I work from my clinic in Falmouth and generally see my patients there or by skype or facetime if they are further afield.  I don't see many clients with breathing problems but these are…
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