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Regulating your monthly cycle

Regulating your monthly cycle with Homeopathy We have been told for too many years that we must put up with the pains and tribulations of our monthly cycle.  We have been told it is normal to suffer pains, nausea, clotting, migraines, cramps, prolonged flow, irregular cycles, bleeding in between periods, ovulation distress, bloating, mood swings…
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FREE – homeopathic course – My Present to You

Happy New Year!  Happy New Learning! FREE Homeopathic Course (My present to you) Online Course ... FREE of CHARGE.... 2 weeks only! New Year's Resolution?   Be Healthy, Be Happy, Help Others! For the first two weeks in January 2018 you can subscribe to "Which Remedy? " Homeopathic course free of charge. My present to you.....…
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First Aid or Constitutional Remedy

First Aid Remedy or Constitutional Remedy There are times to prescribe a first aid remedy and times to prescribe a deeper acting constitutional remedy, there will also be times to prescribe both. A First Aid Remedy A first aid remedy is a remedy chosen to help relieve symptoms of an acute disorder.   An acute disorder…
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What is a Constitutional Remedy?

What is a Constitutional Remedy? A constitutional remedy is one that is the best match for everything about you.  Both the emotional and the physical symptoms are considered as well as your medical history and your family medical history.  It also looks at how you react.  It is your reaction to life around you that…
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