Earache Remedies for First Aid Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies can ease earache.  You will need to familiarise yourself with some remedies (or know where to go in an emergency) because earache often is worse at night.

In order to choose the right remedy:

  1. Take a note of all of the symptoms.
  2. Find the remedy that matches the symptoms.
  3. Choose a low potency (12c or 30c).
  4. Give one dose
  5. Wait half an hour.
  6. If symptoms improve ..... back to (5)
  7. If symptoms stay the same or worsen back to (4)
  8. If symptoms change .... reassess the case to check if the remedy is still the right one. ... Go back to (2)
  9. If symptoms get better for a while then get worse again ... back to (4)

Choosing the right remedy:

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