The Sparkle of Phosphorus

Phosphorus - currently my favourite homeopathic remedy:

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful homeopathic remedies really are, how can one - incredibly dilute substance make such a difference to so many people.

The remedies do not treat one symptom, they are prescribed because the match the patient at the time of prescribing (so you may need different remedies at different stages), if the energy of the remedy is right for you, amazing things can happen.

In the last two or three months I have prescribed phosphorus to a number of patients with very different symptoms and have had some great results.

Patient 1
The first lady had suffered from shaky hands for a number of years.  It affected her at all times of night and day and she was getting increasingly worried about it.  Phosphorus reduced the shaking over a number of weeks until it now very really happens.  It has filled her with confidence, reduced her anxiety and enabled her to enjoy her home, her children and her job.  Although her circumstances have not changed she is able to enjoy everything she has around her, rather than always be worrying about what she has to do next.

Patient 2
Phosphorus was one of two remedies that I prescribed to a six year old girl with a collapsed lung.  When I first saw her, she had been off school for six months and hand had three emergency hospital admissions during that time.  She had been on antibiotics for over seven months and every time she came off them, her lung collapsed again.  Her poor mum was at her wits end and didn’t know where to turn.

Within a couple of weeks of taking phosphorus, the little girl was back at school and beginning to enjoy her much loved hobbies, dancing and gym.  It took several months to slowly reduce the antibiotics but slowly they were reduced and with no emergency admissions at all since beginning homeopathic treatment.

Here is a great quote:

After five emergency admissions with a collapsed lung, requiring life support, my daughter was referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital and we were told that she would probably be on and off antibiotics and in and out of hospital for 3/4 years.

After beginning homeopathy with Mary her health has improved 200%, she returned to school full-time within a few weeks after our first visit, is living a very normal and active life and I am confident we will not be going back to hospital. 

I can never thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone for any condition.  I no longer believe we have to live with long-term illness.  Thank you".    NC  29/12/16

Patient 3
My third phosphorus patient was a nurse who was suffering from recurring cystitis.  After several courses of antibiotics she was realising that it wasn’t addressing the cause of the issue - merely holding the infection at bay…… but how long would that go on for?   One dose of phosphorus has worked wonders and so far - no return of the symptoms.

Patient 4
My fourth patient is a three year old Hungarian Vizsla who was petrified of fireworks.  When she heard the first hiss, she would try to hide under the sofa, she would shake, pant, and try to climb on you for security.  A high potency of phosphorus given on November 5th - resulted in her actually sleeping through several firework displays lasting from 5.30pm until well after 10pm.  Surprisingly she didn’t even raise her head and she certainly wasn’t afraid or distressed.

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