I Help Clients Optimise Health and Improve Resilience to the Stresses of Life.

I am a Classical Homeopath trained with the South West School of Homeopathic Medicine. I now help people around the world using video call.   More about Mary
Homeopathy, is a natural, safe, inexpensive medicine that does not give you side effects.  It is a safe medicine for all ages and it works by addressing the cause of your symptoms.  More about Homeopathy.

If it is time for you to get back in track, to reduce pain, to feel more content or for you to be less susceptible to illness then get in touch:

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Relief from pain and discomfort

Many physical and emotional symptoms that we experience can be relieved by addressing the cause of the problem.  Hormonal imbalances that have been endured for many years need to be addressed in order to help you return to health and enjoy long term improvement. From puberty through to post menopause ..... you don't have to suffer. You can do something now!  Find out how.

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I believe you don't have suffer in silence.  You do have a choice and there is something you can do about the side effects of your medications.  Homeopathy is a natural, gentle medicine that is powerful enough to relieve physical symptoms and can help moderate emotional responses as well.

Safe, Effective Medicine

When I first went to Mary I was very ill, I had no energy, was miserable with my situation and petrified about what the future would hold. I knew very little about homeopathy,  I am now a total convert.....Read more

Why Choose Homeopathy?

People who haven’t seen me for several weeks keep saying in amazement at how well I am looking (including my GP) and I am certain that is because of the homeopathy.... Read more

Can Homeopathy help me?

I began my homeopathic treatment with Mary just two months ago, and I am amazed at how much energy I have and how my body is starting to heal....Read more


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