Concentration difficulties … finding the right homeopathic remedy

Concentration difficulties … finding the right homeopathic remedy.

Finding the right remedy for concentration difficulties is never going to be easy.   There are over 300 remedies that come up in a general search, so how can we hone in on finding the right remedy.

There are a few differentials such as :

‘During exams’ or ‘if interrupted’ or better for eating, but for us to choose the remedies listed in these sub sections means the other sections are not relevant.   The fact that so many remedies are listed means that the concentration issue cannot be the main problem.  The lack of concentration is because of something else  that is not working correctly. 

We must look for other factors to be taken into consideration when trying to determine which remedy to choose.

When we ask what is going on when you find it difficult to concentrate the answers that come back are many and varied.   Here are some examples.

  • The mind is busy flying from one thing to the next
  • The brain is chaotic with lots of thoughts all jumble up
  • The mind is foggy … cant think of anything clearly
  • Concentration makes me anxious and then confused and then upset
  • Concentration makes me exhausted.

So to find a good remedy we first need to understand:

  1. When concentration is difficult what is happening in the brain.  What is going on?
  2. How does this make you feel, what emotion would you associate with the reaction from concentration being difficult.
  3. What does it stop you doing?

We then need to understand the energy associated with the concentration being difficult … is it high or fast energy? Is it slow or dull energy?

I would always try to get other symptoms that are happening during this time so that I can hone in to a better remedy.  As a homeopath it would be quite rare that I would be concentrating on just this one symptom, when I have it is because after successfully helping reduce other symptoms, the concentration element is now the most worrying factor.   Of course, have treated the person for a month or two already, I have a lot more information that I can consider in order to find the remedy.

These are some of the remedies I have used to help concentration issues.  You can see they are very different and show a difference in energy.  These are not first aid remedies and need to be selected with care.

(this plant has been known as fools parsley for many hundreds of years so has been used to improve concentration and memory for hundreds of years). 
There is great weakness of mind or body.  This remedy affects the brain and nervous system.   There is violence in the picture whether it be violent pain or violent vomiting and there is lack of reaction in the picture.   

Brain fatigue from overstudy.  Inability the think to fix the attention, restlessness, anxiousness, irritability, awkwardness and attention deficit.

Aesculus Hippocastanum
Gloomy, irritable and depressed. Dullness of head and mind. Wakes up with confusion.

Baryta Carbonica
Beclouded mind, mental weakness, confusion, slow mental grasp.  Bashful, timid, mistrustful.  Fogets what she was doing or what she was saying.  Cannot remember how to learn.

Cannabis Indica
Absent minded, forgetful, cannot finish the sentence. Excessive loquacity, sudden loss of memory, constantly theorising, lost in thoughts, must constantly move, anxiety, paranoia, fear of becoming insane.  Misperceptions of time and space

Carbo veg
Sudden loss of memory, slow thinking, sluggish mind, anxious, irritable, dejected, fearful

China Officinalis
Ideas croud in the mind preventing mental and physical work. Unable to think.  Makes mistakes in speech and writing.

Everything is out of balance.  Perception seems to have altered and made things different. Feels distanced from things, separated. Spacey, lightheaded.  Distortion of reality.  Difficult concentration, confusion of mind. Head feels confused, disjointed and jumbled.  Muddled and forgetful.  Mistakes when writing, difficulty adding up, counting.  Insecurity and self doubt.  Distant and detached.

Cannot concentrate, weak memory, loses the thread of the conversation.  Forgets names and words.  Feels life unreal.  Sensitive, nervous, restless. Hurried and anxious, impulsive, abrupt.  Persistent ideas.  Comes alive at night.

These remedies have been chosen when a full health history has been explored.  To find out more about working with a homeopath please click through here


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