Anger … how to find a remedy that suits.

Anger … how to find a remedy that suits.

When looking at finding a remedy that helps overcome the emotion of anger, I want to know quite a lot of detail around the emotion.  Because there are so many remedies (300+) that can be prescribed to people who experience anger, we will need some differentiating points.

The usual questions will start us off:

  • Is there a time of day that is better or worse?
  • Is there a recurring theme?
  • What is the main topic that sets off the emotion?
  • What happens (physically and emotionally) when you become angry?
  • What happens after you become angry?
  • What happens before you become angry?

Some of the concurring feelings that help find the right remedy include:

  • Cheerfulness
  • Contentment
  • Crying
  • Hysteria
  • Indifference
  • Kindness
  • Laughing
  • Sadness
  • Timidity
  • Quick repentance
  • Discouragement

If their is a particular subject around the anger this can help find the right remedy:

  • Blame = Ignatia
  • About the business = Bryonia, Ipacec, nux vomica
  • About business failure = durum, Calc carb, colocynth, begonia, nat mur, nux vomica, sulphur
  • At what he thinks may happen = solanum mammosum
  • Over his mistakes = ars, our, bell, carc, Ignatia, nit-ac, staph, sulph
  • From interruption = try, conch, Cham, cocc, graph, hell, nux vom, scorpion

If there are certain times that instigate anger

  • During lunch/dinner = kali-c
  • During your period = am-c, cast, caul, comic, hypos, kerbs
  • Before your period = chamomilla, kali-fer, sepia
  • On waking = ars, canta, carb, an, cast
  • About bad news = calc-p, caust, ignatia
  • At noon = am-m, zinc
  • During pregnancy = nux-m, nux-v, sep

If certain activities set of the anger:

  • From conversation = pulsatilla or tarent-c
  • When spoken to = bryonia, chamomilla, elaps, hell
  • When things do not go his way = calc p, inn, thuj
  • On being tickled = ignatia, stramonium
  • When touched = ant c, sanic, Tarant.
  • When not understood = ignatia, Laura, sulph,

You can see that by honing in to the actual detail we can come up with four or five possible remedies that might be useful.   The next job is to look up each of those remedies to find the best fit.   Sometimes we might have 2 or 3 differentiating points and when we look up the remedies for each we may find a remedy that is in all three points.  Now we are getting somewhere.

Looking up the remedies for anger.

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