Anger in the Family

Anger in the Family.

If you have experienced anger or violence as a child or in your home at any time in your life you may have been affected by it. It may, even now, be impacting on your health, your self esteem, your relationships or your outlook.

Homeopathy works by helping you build a strong, happier self.  It can help you be more at ease with yourself and those around you.  It can help reduce feelings of guilt, build self confidence, improve feelings of self worth and confidence.

Your physical symptoms are also directly related to your emotional feelings both now and those you experienced in the past.  By having a full consultation and the opportunity to go through your full health history, we will be able to begin a homeopathic plan to begin addressing the causes of your current health.  You can start to lead the life you want to lead.

Some examples of remedies and emotions:

Carcinosin .... Likes to please, needs approval, feelings of guilt if not doing what the family want. Always trying to do what is best for everyone else. Always polite, says and does the right thing.

Staphysagria .... Suppressed emotions, may have been dominated, often submits for an easy life, occasional explosion of anger when pushed too far. Easily offended, very sensitive to what others think of them.

Arsenicum Album .... Anxious about health, everything needs to be perfect, particular about food and exercise. Always busy, smartly dressed, needs everything in order.

Lycopodium .... Digestive issues, anxious, indecisive, loss of self confidence, poor self esteem.  Fear of public speaking, apprehensive, irritable, angry, sensitive.   Can be domineering and headstrong

Silica ... Loss of self confidence, yielding, weeping sensitive to all impressions.  Dreads failure, intelligent, suffers from anticipation before an event, anxious.

Lac caninum ... Very forgetful, despondent, thinks himself of little consequence.  Depression or cross and irritated, Attacks of rage with cursing and swearing at the least provocation.

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