Violence and behaviour Issues

Violence and behaviour Issues

With homeopathic remedies we do not need a diagnosis in order to help someone. The remedies help rebalance, they help stimulate the self healing mechanism so that you feel more at ease with yourself and with life.

Homeopathy is a gentle, personalised medicine which works with the bodies own self healing mechanism.  Whatever the cause of the behaviour, remedies can be found to help calm extremes, and balance intense emotions that are hard to control.

Managing emotions is something that we learn as a child.  When we have difficulty in this area it can begin to lead to an aggression that is directed towards other members of the family or class mates.  Emotions can becoming overwhelming and frightening.   The way we react to life around us is how we can find the right homeopathic remedy.

Having a Diagnosis
Children suffering from anxiety, fears, irritability, frustration, boredom, anger, temper tantrums, intolerance, defiance may or may not have ADHD but they certainly will benefit from finding some homeopathic remedies to help calm the mind and make them happier with the world around them.

What is important with homeopathy is how the symptoms are expressed and how the person feels and reacts to those around him.  It is also really useful to be able to pinpoint a cause or an occasion when behaviours began to change.  To find and address the original disturbance often leads to big changes for the better. 

There are plenty of remedies to help calm violent behaviour.  By bringing together three or four different symptoms you can usually form a shortlist of suitable remedies to begin the healing process.

If you have someone in your family who has violent behaviour you will probably need to work with a homeopath to work through the healing process.  There may be quite a few layers and stages that need undoing and resetting. An opening remedy will usually see some results straight away.  After this it is important to help the patient with the inner emotions that were leading to behaviour issues.  Whether they feel afraid, intimidated, frustrated or misunderstood, these emotions are important and can change by gaining self esteem and confidence of acceptance.

Often when treating children with emotional difficulties it will be necessary to talk with the parents and those caring for the children to gain a clear picture of the behaviour and interaction with others.   It is really helpful if you are able to gain an insight into the emotions felt before and after an incident to more fully understand the feelings of the child.

Other information important for prescribing is the full health history and a brief family history as well.

Some of the remedies used in treating violent behaviour include:

  • Violent Behaviour alternating with laughing = stramonium
  • Violent behaviour when crossed = silica
  • Rage leading to violence = Anacardium, Hepar sulph, ignatia, iodine,l achasis, stramonium, tarent, veratrum, zinc
  • Violent behaviour before sleep = opium
  • Vindictive behaviour = anacardium, arsenicum, lachasis, nitric acid, phos acid
  • Desire to attack others = anacardium, belladonna, lachasis, lyssin, stramonium
  • Brutality = absinth, anacardium, lachasis, nux vomica, sulphur,
  • Lack of emotional control remedies include: Anacardium, argentum met, argentum nit, carcinogen, causticum, chamomiila, hyoscymus, ignatia, mederhinum, stramonium, tarent, veratrum
  • Threatening speech = anacardium, causticum, lachasis, stramonium, tarent

To learn more about each remedy you will need a homeopathic materia medica. Over the years these have been built up with the results of original proving and from the results of prescribing by leading homeopaths of the last 200 years.

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