Balancing Hormones

Balancing Hormones

Why would we need to Balance Our Hormones?  Don't our hormones look after themselves?

Our hormones affect everything we do and quite often everything we don't do or can't do.  Working in a finely tuned feedback system, we have many different hormones racing around our body affecting our mood, sleep, digestion, healing ability, energy, thirst, hunger as well as the production of other hormones.

The Endocrine System

We hardly ever stop to consider what is happening if we feel hunger, or what has happened if our heart rate increases suddenly.... what has made this happen?   The answer is of course, the interaction of hormones responding to the levels of other hormones currently circulating in the blood.  If we suddenly feel fearful, our hormones will respond by shutting down digestion, increasing the heart rate, and changing our breathing to a quick, shallow rhythm.  It will send all available sugars to your muscles in preparation for a flight or fight response so that you can run away or stand and fight the danger.

If the danger passes, another hormone will reverse the actions to allow your body to return to usual activities. You can see the effect if you are continually thrown into panic mode ... your body stays in an anxious mode producing more and more stimulating hormones until it becomes too tired to do this any more.   Learn more about adrenal fatigue

Our bodies are affected everytime we use artificial hormones.  It means our body can sense there is a lot of a particular hormone present in the blood and, therefore, does not produce more of that hormone.  The glands may become sluggish or forget how to produce the hormone should our bodies suddenly have a shortage.

Exposure to Artificial Hormones

It is for this reason that during a homeopathic consultation, we look at the relationship between any artificial hormones you might have been exposed to and your current symptoms.   We might need to address an imbalance in hormone levels because you have been exposed to large amounts of steroids or oestrogen. You might have had long periods of illness when your body was under physical stress or you might have been exposed to dioxins, PCB's and pesticides (known as EDC's Endocrine Disruptive Chemicals).

Because of the huge interaction of our Endocrine system (the network of hormones) with every other system in our bodies the symptoms that you might experience are many and varied.  They might include any of the following:



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