Headache Again? – Find a safe medicine that won’t upset your stomach.

Natural Safe Remedies for headaches

Another headache again?   Why, what can you do? - you just want something to help that won't upset everything else!

You probably realise that some of the side effects of aspirin and paracetamol include disturbances of the gut such as nausea, vomiting, indigestion, diarrhoea or abdominal pain.  With persistent use they can also can cause tremors, palpitations. bleeding or ulceration in the stomach or intestines. They can also be responsible for allergic reactions such as skin rash, swelling of the lips, tongue and throat (angioedema) or narrowing of the airways (bronchospasm or asthma attack).

Wouldn’t it be great to find something you can use that is safe for your body, that you know is not harming you and causing problems for the future.

Homeopathy is a very dilute medicine which works by stimulating your own self healing mechanism, it therefore works with your body - not against it.  It is a personalised medicine and therefore you have to find the right one for you.

Homeopathy has been used for two hundred years to relieve symptoms of pain.  It is a natural medicine that is tested on humans not animals - so it is safe to use.  You can use it with other medications if you have prescription drugs, it will not affect them.

Headaches come in many different forms with many variations.  To establish a good first aid homeopathic remedy for your headache you will need to go into detail about the pain you experience.  Homeopathy is individual to you - the way you experience the pain will be different to the next person who has a headache - so there are many different remedies. Read more about the evidence for homeopathy

To find the right remedy for you right now establish a few details and then examine the remedy pictures below.

  • Where exactly it hurts?
  • When does it hurt?
  • Is the pain constant or intermittent?
  • How does it feel? Is it hammering, dull, splitting, tearing?
  • Is it recurring?
  • Does anything else hurt at the same time?
  • Does it stay in one place or move?
  • What makes it better or worse?

Here is a list of some good remedies to help you treat your headache yourself.  If it is a recurring pain then you should seek the advice of a homeopath to look at finding and addressing the cause of the headaches.   First aid remedies are usually available in 30c potency.  These should be available for most pharmacies or Natural Health Stores.   To learn more about homeopathic remedies click here


Useful headache remedies you can have at home.  Homeopathic remedies do not give side effects and your body will not become reliant on using them.   Click here to learn more about using homeopathic remedies.

Right sided headaches

Nat mur
Bursting pain, sensation of a small hammer hitting one spot repeatedly.  Usually on the right side, the temple and the occiput.  See diagram

Worst on waking or at 10am to 3pm.  May be grief related or for serious or tense people.  May come on after sun. May be periodic /recurring.
Better lying in a dark room or having a cold application, may have visual disturbance and/or vomiting.

Right sided intense headache, throbbing, exploding.  Pains may come and go.  Begins in right occiput and extends to right forehead or eye

Worse at 3pm or during the night
Better lying in dark room and using cold compresses.  Hands and feet may be icy cold during the headache.

Congestive or migraine headache beginning in the right shoulder or neck and radiating to right forehead and eye.  Throbbing, burning with indigestion.  May have flushed face

Worse during daytime, light, noise, sun
Better for sleep and better if pressing head hard against something.

Left sided Headaches

Severe migraine with ciliary neuralgia.  Usually located above or in the left eye with pain extending back into the head.  May have a pins and needles type sensation with neuralgic pain. May be heart palpitation or other heart problems.

Worse in the morning or with jarring motion or coughing
Better for heat, eyes closed, lying down

Migraine or chronic headache beginning at left eye and extending back over the whole head, sometimes extending down to shoulders and back.  A dull heavy pain sometimes with nausea.

Worse on rising until midday or after 9pm, worse for slightest motion
Better lying on the painful side, better after perspiring or washing with cold water.

Headache with nausea, pains come in waves or shocks on left forehead.   May experience an empty sensation in the stomach during the headache.

Worse before or during periods or during pregnancy. Worse during exertion or in a stuffy room.
Better in the open air after vomiting or eating.  Better having pressure against head.

Changeable Headaches

Pulsating, congestive or bursting headache which moves from place to place.

Worse in heat or in stuffy warm rooms or after overeating
Better in open air and with cold applications and pressure.

Calc carb
Headaches from stress and worry

Worse in cold damp weather or from the head getting wet
Better for pressure

Severe exhausting headache with heaviness in the forehead and eyelids, hammering headache at the back of the head.  Weakness and trembling during headache

Worse 2 - 3am or when lying flat
Better after urination or sitting with head elevated

Nux Vomica
Toxic headaches extending from forehead to the back of the head to the neck.   Caused by overwork or over indulgence (a good hangover remedy).  May be very irritable

Worse for anger, stress, noise
Better for warmth, pressure

My patients begin homeopathic treatment for many different reasons. Here are a few examples:

  • I know that the conventional medicines are just masking the symptoms, they are not making me better.
  • I would like to see if there is an alternative medicine to the one I have been offered by my doctor.
  • The doctor can't find out what is wrong with me.
  • The pain just keeps coming back.
  • I am sure there is something else not right, but they can't find anything.
  • I am not happy with the treatment I'm getting.
  • I am just being giving more and more medications and I am not improving, in fact things are just getting worse.
  • There is no treatment for my problem.

Homeopathy can help relieve many symptoms of poor health.  It works by addressing the cause of the symptoms and so helps your body recover from the inside out.

If you have recurring headaches book a 15 minute appointment with Mary to find out if this is something you can reduce with homeopathy.

If you would like to learn more about self prescribing at home click here.

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