Top Ten Natural Remedies in my first aid kit!

10 Must Have Remedies in your first aid kit … You can’t possibly have a first aid kit without these natural, organic remedies.

Not only can they help with physical aches and pains they also help with emotional pains as well. Not only grief but also anxiety, fear and nervousness. These medicines can work for you helping to ease the burden of hurt and help you cope with the emotional pressures of life.   They can also remove pain instantly, they can relieve the pain of teething within minutes, they can really make a difference - instantly in many cases.

Homeopathic remedies can realign your current energy so that you are more able to cope with everyday life.

What is more - you can have these remedies in your cupboard - they are safe, natural medicines - that don’t give side effects. They are tested on humans, not animals and they have been used for over 200 years with the same documented results.

They are safe enough to use on new born babies, on your pets, and on the older generation. You can use them with your normal medications - they work differently, so won’t effect anything you have been prescribed by the Doctor.

Here is the list of my top ten (can’t live without) remedies. They are all available from the chemist or your Natural Health Shop - or the online pharmacies like Helios or Ainsworth. For first aid use you need to buy potencies of 30c. Read more about first aid remedies for your and your family.

Apis .....A great remedy for any thing swollen, so allergic reactions, nettle rash, blisters, bee stings that blister, hives, eye inflammation, swollen joints - any thing that looks blistered. Symptoms will include, hot or burning pain, itching, redness, soreness, blisters, swelling.

Arg Nit .....Is a really important remedy to have for nerves or anxiety before an event. Any thing you are worrying about before it happens - exams, performances, visits to the dentist, nervousness, IBS, excitability etc.

Arnica..... for bangs and bruises, for any shock, for anyone who has experienced a trauma but doesn’t want attention or anyone to touch them - (they say they are ok)!

Quotes from James Tyler Kent – Lectures in Materia Medica
Arnica will very often take all the soreness out of a sprained ankle and permit him in a few days to walk about. The black and blue appearance of sprained joints will go away in a surprisingly short time, the soreness will disappear and he will be able to manipulate that joint with surprising ease.
A high potency of Arnica is most satisfactory in bruises and when decided no contra-indication is present Arnica is the first remedy. Weakness of tendons however may need to be treated with Rhus tox which is a natural follower.
Pregnancy and childbirth leads to extreme sensitiveness, soreness and tenderness, throughout the body. Arnica will remove that soreness.
Congestive fevers may show symptoms of cold extremities with a hot head. The body will feel cold. This sometimes is the very beginning of a severe attack. Bad dreams, distress and fearfulness as well as dusky spots on the skin and an aversion to being touched will lead you to Arnica rather than Belladonna.
Cantharis For anything burning or burnt - so great for sunburn, fantastic if you have burnt yourself or the oven or the fire, anything that feels like its burning so for cystitis or UTI infections, burning feet at night, heart burn or indigestion.

Arsenicum For sickness and diarrhoea, stomach upsets, viral infections which result in vomiting, food poisoning, heart burn or indigestion. Usually a cold person, may be anxious, certainly worried about the health in the middle of the night.
Chamomilla Anything that makes you scream with pain - so cystitis, tooth ache, stomach cramps

Gelsemium Because it is so good for colds and flu symptoms. It will halve the length of a lot of colds, it can stop sneezing in its tracks and can really help with fatigue or flu symptoms including muscle fatigue, tiredness etc.

Nat mur - for headaches, a great headache remedy! Also mouth ulcers, dry lips, cold sores, verrucas, warts and spots. This is the number one remedy for grief, it just helps you cope with grief so you are not overwhelmed by it. It helps you live with your loss.

Nux vomica - for over indulgence. A great hang over remedy but also stomach issues after eating, any symptom after too much food or alcohol or symptoms from medication. Headaches, tummy aches, diarrhoea and constipation. (A great remedy if you dog has eaten something it shouldn’t have).

Rhus Tox one of the best remedies for so many things. Firstly anything muscle related, sprains and strains, bruised, knocked and painful, tired, rhus tox will help it mend. Joint pain, sciatica, back pain, arthritis and much more. Secondly skin allergies, hives, wheals, psoriasis, eczema, spots, boils, the list goes on, it is an amazing remedy - no self respecting house should be without.
These are my favourite first aid remedies at the moment. Over time it does change as I use different remedies for different symptoms but these ones I will always have in the cupboard - close at hand for my family (including my dog).

For more information about how to prescribe and use homeopathic remedies at home - please click here.

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