What is my body trying to tell me?

What is my body trying to tell me?

Have you ever had that feeling that something is wrong but no-one is listening? You hassle for tests but they come back negative. You know that something is different, something has changed - but you keep being fobbed off.

Let’s face Facts - who knows your body better than you do? Who knows how you feel? Who knows what your body knows? But ARE YOU listening?

We are much more aware these days that our health is OUR concern. We know that there are things we can do to improve our health, ourselves on a daily basis and we know that there are times when we need to call for help understand and improve our health.

If you are good at listening to your body - you are half way there.  Now you need to understand the language, to know what it is saying and then what you need to do!

You may need to know more about health and disease,  to answers to questions like...

  • Why are some of us more susceptible to some diseases than others?
  • Why do symptoms flare up in times of stress?
  • Why can’t the Doctors find out what is wrong with me and give me something to make me better?

Here are a few interesting thoughts that you might find useful in your quest for answers  so that you are able to read the signs your body sends to you.
Stop, look & listen
A symptom is a sign from your body telling you something is wrong, it is not necessarily a sign that that joint or muscle is injured or malfunctioning, or could a message from your mind to get you to STOP, look and listen because something needs to change.

  • Is your diet correct for your body requirements?
  • Have you got reserves of energy to allow for healing?
  • Is there something else you need to change for your health and wellbeing?

Our body is one System
Your body is a complex integrated machine. Here are some interesting facts.

  • Your nose can remember 50,000 different scents
  • There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in your body
  • When awake our brain produces enough electricity to power a light bulb
  • The eye can distinguish 10 million different colours
  • You heart beat changes and mimics the music you listen to
  • Nerve impulses travel at over 249 mile per hour
  • 1 square inch of human skin contains 625 sweat glands

Because each part of your body is connected to all of the other parts, they work together.  If you mask one symptom another may pop up somewhere else. An example of this is childhood eczema which is treated with suppressing medications may result in asthma. If this is treated with suppressing medications then autoimmune inflammation may occur later in life such as rheumatoid arthritis. The cause of the issue will be the same for all of these symptoms - for a healthy future - find the cause of the eczema.

What is the Cause

If we can address the cause of the symptoms then our health will improve. An example of this is Chronic Fatigue, many sufferers seem to have had glandular fever or a similar viral infection earlier in life. The remnants of the virus stays in the system and creates a new disease at any time in the future. Even if they first come for homeopathic treatment many years later, it is not until the initial virus is addressed that their current symptoms begin to improve. If someone were to say to me "I have never been well since chicken pox", I know that I have to address the herpes zoster virus.

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