Will homeopathy help my Anxiety?

Will homeopathy help my Anxiety?
Anxiety affects us all at some stage in our lives. It affects us in different ways and the causes are many and varied.   For some people, anxiety affects everything they do everyday and it becomes crippling for them and their loved ones.

Because homeopathy helps rebalance the body both emotionally and physically it can help people overcome their anxiety.   But there isn’t just one tablet that will cure all!   Because homeopathy acts as a catalyst for your own self healing mechanism, you have to find the right remedies for your and your particular reaction and response.   It often means finding out more about the initial cause of the reaction and the other symptoms you may have experienced along the way.

Homeopathy can be used to help you here and now on a daily basis with some first aid remedies which you can take as you experience an anxiety reaction.   It can also be given to address the initial cause of the issue, this will mean you can teach your body to react in a different way.

Your anxiety may have begun years previously.  It may or may not have been something you remember.  It may have been an experience, an illness, a medical procedure or it may have been a number of small things that mounted up over time.

Most people would have experienced anxiety at some stage during their childhood and the response they had may have laid the foundations to the response experienced in later life.  By understanding how you respond to things, both emotionally and physically helps us find the right remedies that will suit you.

To go back and address the cause of the initial anxiety that laid the foundations for the current response is something you will want to do with a homeopath.  These are the reasons why:

1. You are to close to the issues to see it from an unbiased point of view.    Even a qualified homeopath will seek a consultation with another homeopath to help resolve these issues.

2. Each remedy given will initiate a change in response that you might not see or feel but your homeopath is trained to pick up on subtle changes.

3. Each change in response may then lead to a different remedy to unreel the next layer in the healing.

4. You will need support through the healing.  Especially if you have suffered for more than a year or two.

5. As you undertake homeopathic treatment, other things will happen and you will need guidance as to what is affecting your reactions, your healing and your core strengthening process. 

Homeopathy works by rebalancing many areas of your health and wellbeing.  It makes sense that if one aspect is out of kilter then another will be too.  Your homeopath will go through many areas of your life and well being that you maybe hadn’t realised were aspects affecting your day to day responses.

Case Study One:
A lady to came to me with a number of fears.  She was scared to go to her bedroom, she was scared when she woke in the night.  I mean really scared so she was frozen in her bed unable to move.   She was unable to go out and socialise and even had difficulty going out and shopping or taking her 2 year old out and about.

After a couple of consultations she realised that she was able to do more.  She was able to go out, walk freely around her house and feel safe in every room.  Not only did she stop being terrified at night, she stopped waking during the night and was able to get a full and satisfactory nights sleep …. Which then changed a lot of things during the day because she had more energy, more confidence and the ability to consider carefully why she might previously have been worried about going out. Over the next few months, she had a few different remedies to tackle the different feelings and emotions that arose as her life slowly returned to normal.

Case Study Two
A lady came to me (I will call her Sarah to protect her identity) and although she hadn’t ever had a homeopath before she had used lots of natural remedies and used the natural health practitioners.  There were a few symptoms from which she was suffering including waking at night with palpitations and feeling terrified.  Sometimes she was terrified to go to sleep.  After a few remedies which addressed an event which had happened years before, Sarah realised she now was sleeping without fear.

It took a few other remedies to help Sarah have more confidence to cope with other difficult pressures that she was facing right now, but suddenly she felt able to find another job, to not be intimidated by difficult family members and to feel at peace after losing a much loved pet.

Different remedies
Both these cases needed remedies which weren’t generally mentioned in lists first aid remedies for anxiety.  They needed other remedies which dealt with previous events which had impacted on their response to current pressures.   It was only by talking about themselves during a consultation that the links were made. 

A homeopathic consultation allows you the opportunity to explore your reactions to everything around you.  A remedy gives you the opportunity to change the response you have without having to go through the trauma of reliving a previous event.

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