If you have a stone in your shoe, remove the stone – don’t take a pain killer!

If you have a stone in your shoe, remove the stone to alleviate the pain - don’t take a pain killer to mask the problem!

I am often asked how natural health differs from mainstream medicine and there are many ways to answer.  The first, most important point is that natural health is about optimising our own innate healing mechanism. 

When we are at optimum health, if we sustain a physical injury, our bodies rush into action repairing and rejuvenating. Over a few weeks our bodies heal.  This is your self healing mechanism doing its job.   Sometimes this seems to get stuck and needs a gentle push to begin working again, natural medicines or therapies work by stimulating the self healing mechanism. To reboot or kick start the engine to get it firing on all cylinders again.

Natural medicines of course should be just that, natural substances produced ethically and organically when possible.  Homeopathic medicines are inexpensive, ethically produced, they are not tested on animals and they environmentally sustainable.

The homeopathic practice is about addressing the cause of the problem not just masking the symptoms.   

I recently read a great example of this from Dr Sarah Myhill.  “If you have a stone in your shoe the best thing is to remove the stone to stop the pain, and the pain won’t come back.  However, if you take a painkiller to stop feeling the pain, the stone will cause damage to your foot and the foot would become infected.  If you then take antibiotics to stop the infection - there will be a risk of gangrene setting it.  This could be sorted with amputation with the risk of an early death”! 

Masking the symptom is often not the best way to treat many health issues.  If you need a pain killer, take one, but don’t leave it there - find out what was causing the pain and put it right.   Symptoms are messages to tell us something is wrong.  The symptom is only the messenger - you have to investigate what the real issue is.

I find many chronic fatigue patients have suffered from glandular fever or other Epstein Barr virus’s, their immune system has been compromised and recovery cannot begin until these issues have been addressed.  It is quite normal in homeopathy to address an issue that may have been caused many years previously.  Find out more

We know when our body is not functioning properly even if all of the tests and procedures can’t give us a diagnosis.  Natural health is about listening to our bodies and about learning what the symptoms are trying to tell us.  We then have to learn what it is our body needs to bounce back to health and what is at our disposal that can help it bounce back without compromising our self healing mechanism.

If you are interested to find out if homeopathy can help you or someone you know then book a 15 minute free introductory consultation and we can go through the details.

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