Natural Medicine for Breathing Issues


A Great Testimonial for homeopathy from the mother of one of my younger clients.  She has now been receiving homeopathic treatment for nine months.

"The impact of homeopathy has been life-changing if not life-saving for my daughter!!  I cannot recommend Mary enough for her sensitivity and knowledge.  I hesitate to use the word miracle as it may sound too good be true but that is what it feels like.

After five emergency admissions with a collapsed lung, requiring life support, my daughter was referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital and we were told that she would probably be on and off antibiotics and in and out of hospital for 3/4 years.  

She was managing school part-time, taking antibiotics almost permanently and missing many outside activities as she tired very easily.  The NHS staff were absolutely amazing throughout but they had reached the end of their knowledge and we were told we would need to manage it until she grew out of it.  

At the same time a friend had taken her son (who had recurrent colds) to Inspiring Health for homeopathy and had great results.  Six months later, after taking just two remedies and my daughter is coming out the other side.  

Her health has improved 200%, she returned to school full-time within a few weeks after our first visit, is living a very normal and active life and I am confident we will not be going back to hospital.  

Mary Greensmith has been absolutely wonderful.  She has a sensitivity and positivity in her approach where nothing feels impossible, and most importantly she has respected the need for me to also follow the advice of Doctors, and work with them, rather than against it.  

I can never thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone for any condition.  I no longer believe we have to live with long-term illness.  Thank you".    NC  29/12/16

If you know anyone who you think might benefit from a natural way to optimise health, then please introduce them to the possibility of the homeopathic choice.

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