Pain Relief for Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Fingers

Pain Relief for Rheumatoid arthritis in the fingers

Here are two case studies from two lovely ladies (I have changed their names) who came to see if homeopathy could help relieve their symptoms.

Kate first came to the clinic for a massage and when she asked if there was anything we could do to help relieve the pain in her fingers, our massage therapist suggested she book a homeopathic appointment.  The first consultation involved taking a full case history to get a detailed picture of how Kate responds to events and how her mind and body react in different situations.

Kate had rheumatoid arthritis in her hands.  Both hands were affected with her joints swollen and sore.  There was obvious bone deformity in the joints.  I explained that I hoped we could reduce the pain in the hands by encouraging her immune system to stop  attacking the joints.  With luck we could prevent further tissue damage occurring.

Kate was given a constitutional remedy (one which fits with her overall picture) and also an acute prescription to take once a day for 5 days.  Kate was pleased to report she was pain free in her fingers for about 3 weeks and then said she just began to feel them a little again.  At her second consultation, Kate was given a slightly stronger potency and this time was pain free for 2 months.

At the third consultation, Kate was given a completely different prescription as her thumbs were hurting, her fingers were more or less pain free all of the time.  Kate reported back after another week to say she was pleased with the progress and her thumbs were much improved.

Carol had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in her hands for about six years.  She had been on medication for at least five of those.  She first approached me to see if I could help with the constant tickle cough in her larynx which was worse when she was talking. She often suffered in the winter from flu which would leave her in bed bound for three weeks at a time.  I was able to help relieve the cough for a few weeks at a time but it kept returning.   

I asked her about her medication again and she explained that one of her medication was for the rheumatoid arthritis in her hands.   I asked if she would like to try to reduce her rheumatoid arthritis symptoms in her hands and see if there was any chance her medication might be reduced. At this stage, I was aware that there was something that was preventing a complete clear up of the tickly cough.

The homeopathic remedy helped reduce the swelling in her hands and she wasn’t suffering any pain, so Carol went to see her Doctor to talk about reducing the medication.  Her Doctor agreed, although asked Carol to return if her symptoms returned.  Carol agreed but luckily didn't have to go back.  Two years later, Carol has remained pain free and her hands are no longer swollen,  her tickly throat cough has also cleared up and she hasn't had flu or any serious colds since.   Carol used to dread winter as her health would always deteriorate, now it isn't a worry.

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