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Coffea Crud and other night time remedies

Coffea Crud Why is coffea crud such a great remedy to have in your first aid kit? Coffea is widely known to help calm the restless mind and aid sleeping when the mind is busy.  For excitability, sensitivity and restless body and mind can all be calmed with this remedy.  Consider it with any hyperactivity…
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Bedtime Routine and Night Time Problems

Bedtime Routine and Night Time Problems Many of us experience emotional or physical symptoms during the bedtime routine or during the night.  For children this is multiplied again.  I often find when treating both parents and children, many issues occur because of the stress and anguish of the bedtime routine and night time issues. When…
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Remedies for Anxiety about School

Remedies for Anxiety about School When our children head back for school we often notice a change in their anxiety levels.  When considering homeopathic remedies to make things easier for our children, we need to take note of how they express their anguish, the triggers and the emotions and responses that happen. Anxiety about school…
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Homeopathy Helping Dyslexia

Homeopathy Helping Dyslexia Homeopathy can help make dyslexic sufferers more able to find a balance, so life is less frustrating, learning becomes easy, reading and writing becomes a little more manageable.  Understanding how learning difficulties affect you or someone in the family means that you are more likely to be able to pinpoint the remedy…
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Violence and behaviour Issues

Violence and behaviour Issues With homeopathic remedies we do not need a diagnosis in order to help someone. The remedies help rebalance, they help stimulate the self healing mechanism so that you feel more at ease with yourself and with life. Homeopathy is a gentle, personalised medicine which works with the bodies own self healing…
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Anger … how to find a remedy that suits.

Anger … how to find a remedy that suits. When looking at finding a remedy that helps overcome the emotion of anger, I want to know quite a lot of detail around the emotion.  Because there are so many remedies (300+) that can be prescribed to people who experience anger, we will need some differentiating…
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Angry Emotions

  • Managing Anger

Angry Emotions and Homeopathy

Angry emotions are often upsetting for the whole family.  It upsets the balance of life and causes anguish for everyone around.  It is often frightening for everyone witnessing the emotion including those experiencing it.

In order to help find the cause of the anger and help the person be less overwhelmed by emotion we need to consider the details to begin looking at remedies.

Anger is listed in the MIND chapters of a repertory and will covers over 300 different remedies.  In order to find the right one you need to drill down to find the remedies listed under the modalities.  Modalities are the symptoms which happen at the same time, which cover the time of the emotions or the reason.  They cover the reactions before and after anger.  It is this detail that you need to find the right remedy.

If you have been able to find some of the differentiating factors of how the anger is presenting, you may be left with a number of remedies to look up in order to find the right one.

If a remedy is chosen and is helpful then you might experience one of the following outcomes:

  • Less affected by those around him.
  • More able to tolerate those around him
  • Less vexed by life
  • Fewer instances of anger and sadness
  • More resilient to life
  • More accepting of his circumstances
  • More understanding of others.

The way someone expresses his anger is important to determine the right remedy.   If they are easily upset a different remedy will be chosen from those who want to be alone or from those who are spiteful when angry.   The whole picture is important and is needed to help find the remedy.

Some of the more general remedies that are used often for helping with angry emotions  include:

Averse to being spoken to or even being looked at.  Ugly behaviour, cross and uncivil, impatient and intolerant of being interrupted.  Spiteful, snappish, always complaining.  Cannot bear anyone near him. Shouts and screams.

Sighing and sobbing or inwardly weeping, changeable mood, over sensitive and nervous.  Worse from consultation, desires to be alone.  Angry with himself, constantly frustrated, not communicative.

Exceedingly irritable, wants to be left alone.  Apprehension and dread for the future.  Worse from the least motion. Fear of death

Worse in twilight, doesn’t want to go to bed alone, cries easily, sadness, whining mood, suspicious and mistrustful.  Angry at injustice and unfairness.  Physical symptoms include numbness and muscle weakness.

Suppressed anger with violent outbursts of passion, very sensitive to what other may say.  Worse after scolding or punishment.  Always angry or petulant

Nux vomica
Very irritable, angry and impatient.  So mad he cries.  Fiery temperament. Sullen, spiteful, violent, pessimistic, head strong and self willed.  Angry when consoled

Mild, timid, emotional and tearful. Changeable moods, Craves sympathy and desires company.  Cries easily.  Touchy, suspicious, manipulative.

Angry, sensitive, irritable. Indifferent to loved ones or aversion to family. Says and does strange things. Disgust of life.  Worse during hormonal cycle.

Destructive impulses, lacks control, erratic, impulsive, destroys whatever she can lay her hands on. Laughs, mocks, dances and jokes, angry with despair. Klepomania.  Better after eating.

More about finding the right remedy

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A Constitutional Remedy Perfect Result!

A Constitutional Remedy Perfect Result! I love it when one remedy hits the spot! I was prescribing for an 8 year old boy who was expressing difficulty in accepting the changes in the relationships between family and friends.  That transitional period when older siblings suddenly want to stop playing with you or school friends begin…
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