Acute Consultations

Acute Consultations

There are times when you just don't know which remedy you (or your children need).

There are times when you want to discuss what is happening with someone more experienced.

There are times when you have just too much information and you don't know which way to go......

These are the times it is good to have someone available to call.  Someone who can work through the symptoms and give an uncomplicated answer and help you through the trauma of the occasion.

It is at these times you need to have :

  • an easy way to book an appointment
  • an easy way to talk without having the hassle of getting the whole family into a car
  • an easy way to pay for the consultation
  • an easy way to order the remedies if you haven't got them in stock.

If you would like to book an acute consultation for a member of your family .... you can do so here:

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