Acute Prescribing … Quick and Painless Recovery

Acute Prescribing = Quick and Painless Recovery

Self prescribing for acute illness is something we should all be doing because we know that antibiotics is not the answer. But sometimes it is really confusing to know what to take, how often and when to change remedies.

An acute illness is something our bodies should be able to manage itself. When our bodies are healthy, they can fight off the illness and return us to health in a matter of a few days. Sometimes we find that we are more susceptible to viruses or infections, or our bodies take a lot longer to recover after an acute illness. We need to know what is happening and what we can do about it.

Homeopathic remedies speed up recovery, they don't stop recovery or suppress the symptoms. What we want to see is our bodies working through the symptoms more quickly and without pain. This way our bodies will build more antibodies and we will become more resilient to infections. We need our bodies to develop their own immune system so that they can react to infection when they need to. We need to help our bodies build immunity by working through the infection quickly with as little pain as possible. This is where homeopathic remedies come into their own.

Homeopathic remedies don't suppress the symptoms, they help you through the infection more quickly. They help your body build resilience. They help you become less susceptible to infection. They DO NOT stop the symptoms. They move you through the symptoms more quickly than usual.

What to Expect with Homeopathic Remedies.
Taking a homeopathic remedy will help your body through each of the separate symptom of the infection or virus. After taking a remedy, you should expect to feel your symptoms move on through the healing process, this might mean your symptoms develop along to the next stage. You should expect, if you find the right remedy, you feel different. You might experience new symptoms as your body makes adjustments. You might then need to find a new remedy, if you feel your body needs a hand or you need support through the process. Don't take a remedy if you don't have to. Remember... less is more.

With homeopathic remedies, we can select a remedy that suits the symptoms that we are experiencing right now. In order to select the right remedy, we need as much information as we can find to select the most appropriate remedy for us now.

I always start by asking the following questions:

1. What are your main symptoms now?
2. Do they stay in one place or move?
3. What makes them better or worse?
4. What time of day are you better or worse?
5. Explain the pain, how does it feel?
6. Is there discharge? If so what colour is it?
7. Are you better inside or outside?
8. What does it stop you doing?

For more about taking the case and finding the remedy you can join our online courses

With all of this information you can begin to get an idea of a remedy which will help, but in the case of coughs or colds what is helping? We don't want to suppress the symptoms and send them inside. What we want the remedy to do is move the symptoms on so that our bodies can manage the infection as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our aim therefore is not to stop the symptom. There is a lot of benefit from working through this virus or infection and our bodies will be stronger because of it. The aim of the remedy is to get through all of the symptoms of the infection as quickly as possible. So as soon as the symptom changes we need to retake the case.

Deciding if you need to redose a remedy.

1. Take the case (as above ... collect all of the information you can) .... chose a remedy and give one dose (low potency = 12c or 30c).
Watch and wait (one hour)

2. If change occurs ..... watch and wait (again)
if nothing happens .... repeat the dose
watch and wait ( one hour)

3. if there are new symptoms then take the case again and find a new appropriate remedy (go back to stage 1)
if the symptoms improved but then returned .... give another dose. (go back to stage 2)
if nothing changed you need to find a better remedy (go back to stage 1)

[Learn more about potency and dose](

Rules to remember: 

Less is more .... dont give more than 4 remedies a day.

The remedies are helping the body tackle the infection .... let the body do it's work (watch and wait)

The remedies will speed up the healing process .... they are not going to suppress the symptoms ... let the body do it's work.

Remember .... your body is great at healing ..... let it do it if it can!

If you keep on getting infection after infection you need more than just a first aid remedy. You need to begin building your resilience and your immunity. You need a deeper treatment to build a stronger foundation. Book in to work with a homeopath and you will soon see a difference in your resilience. Enjoy your healing journey.
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