Communication Is One Of The First Markers Of Health

I often find in my clinic that communication issues are the first sign of deteriorating health.  But it is not something usually considered as a health issue at all.

Communication must be one of the main stays to survival.  In years gone past, we might have starved if we could not be one of the group, if we could not belong to a group.  Life was so much harder on the outside - surviving as a loner was dangerous.

These days the pressures are different, but let’s consider those pressures for a moment.  If we feel we are not coping, the last thing we want to do is meet people or even speak to people on the telephone.  We may think we are not great company just now, we may think that people don’t want to hear our woes, we may think we have no value right now.

So we might find ourselves becoming irritable, short tempered or not wanting to speak to people unless we have to.  We might find that the little things are irritating us, everyone around us is demanding more than we feel able to give, we just don’t seem to be coping with everyone around us.

This is when I would recommend trying a constitutional homeopathic remedy. I find it frequently resets your energy vibration onto a different level, so that you begin to see things from a slightly different perspective.   

Let me give you an example:

I recently had a patient return for her follow up appointment and I asked how she was.

“I do feel different, I am not over thinking things.  My brain doesn’t seem as foggy as it did before, I am not so worried about things, of course I still care about what people think but I am not worrying about it.  I guess I am more calm, more comfortable, more peaceful even.  I have been more positive about things, not so concerned about what might happen, a lot more settled in the here and now”.

I asked when these changes occurred.

“Well not straight away I don’t think, it happened gradually, in fact I didn’t really notice anything happening, but then I realised that I wasn’t worrying, it just came back to me how much I had been worrying about things before I came to see you.  I realised I felt stronger, more able to put my case across, just silly things, usually I would feel I had to organise everyone else, now I realise they are perfectly capable of sorting some of the things themselves”.

I asked if she had noticed any other changes.

“Yes, now I have more energy I have been able to up my exercise, because I am able to exercise now, I am sleeping much better, I have even started to dream again, that is quite a difference.  And what happened to my guilt?  Usually I would feel so guilty if I hadn’t done everything that people asked of me, if there were dishes left in the sink, if I hadn’t achieved everything I had planned, or organised everything for the family, 3 months ago I would have felt so guilty, I can still be responsible but I realise I don’t have to carry guilt around the whole time.  

I even said no to a couple of of things.  This is huge, I am able to put my family and our needs before those of other people's requests.  What really surprised me that everyone was ok with it.  When I was asked to do an extra duty and I said no, they said fine, I was amazed!   I had always thought I would be letting people down, now I realise this just isn’t true.   I feel so much lighter”.

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