Going back to the beginning to change the future

Going back to the beginning to change the future

The first thing we need to do when having a consultation with a homeopath is create a timeline of events and symptoms.

What happened When?

Once we have a full picture we can begin to see if there are any patterns, or if certain symptoms occurred after an event, a trauma, a procedure or a difficult period that you were going through.

We need to understand the nature of the event in order to establish if an emotional or a physical response changed the health picture.  Sometimes there may have been one significant event, in others there may have been a build up of many events.

This informations helps us to go back to the health picture prior to ill health and establish the energy and force of the change.

Here are some examples of treating the cause even if it was years before:

Case Study 1:
A lady came to me with severe depression and very swollen blue lower legs.  The problems began 20 years ago when she found out her husband was having an affair.  She had never been the same since.    We found a remedy that matched her feelings at the time and she very quickly changed in outlook, health and optimism.   Even after 20 years of ill health, one remedy began the route to wellbeing again.

Case Study 2:
Harriet came to me when she heard I might be able to help relieve the constant pain in her muscles.  She had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which was leaving Harriett exhausted most of the time. Harriett was used to taking painkillers twice a day to be able to get through the day.  She was studying for a degree and needed to have a job during the holidays, but it was really hard to keep going.   

As well as the constant muscle pain, Harriett suffered with acute nerve sensitivity which meant that if she brushed her limbs up against anything, shooting nerve sensations shot up the limb and left it feeling bruised and sore.  Harriett also find it very difficult to make decisions, the worried constantly about "what would happen if...." And her diagnosis was on her mind all of the time.

Because she find it difficult to do everything, Harriett felt different, she felt people did not understand her condition and probably thought she was just making excuses. This left her feeling annoyed and sometimes angry.

After the first prescription of homeopathic medicine, Harriett felt something change immediately. For the first 24 hours after taking the medicine, Harriett's bowel movements became loose and she found herself running to the loo a few times. That soon passed and she felt  lighter. The main thing was, she wasn't in pain. In fact in those first few weeks Harriett went from taking up to 4 pain killers a day down to less than one a week. She came back to her second consultation feeling that maybe she didn't have to suffer for the rest of her life.

Harriett was treated with a remedy that was addressing a disease that had been passed down to her through the generations, because the disease had not successfully been treated many years before Harriett was born.  The symptoms Harriett suffered were a changed form of the original disease.  It was this inherited weakness that needed addressing to help Harriett on the road to recovery.

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