Healing Warts Without Pain – Shocking Images

Shocking Images:  Healing Warts without Pain!

Recently a client came to me for homeopathic treatment and explained why she had had her hand bandaged for nearly three years. Was there anything that could help to get rid of  long standing warts? Warning – This blog contains some shocking visual images:

Lynne (I have changed her name) came to see me to see if I could help relieve some of the side effects from the medication she was taking.  As a sufferer of Crohns and Cushing's disease, she had been on a long list of medications for over 20 years. When I asked what was the most annoying symptoms she was suffering from she explained that her warts were driving her crazy.  She had had her hand bandaged for over two years and had had two large and growing warts on one hand for over three years.  She had had them treated in hospital with burning, freezing and various other treatments, but they seemed to be getting worse not better.

Warning – This blog contains some shocking visual images:

There were two warts, One of which was on the tip of her finger and was particularly painful, the other had a lot of tissue damage from the burning treatment she had had in hospital. (I have included an image but it isn’t a pleasant site I’m afraid.  Having your hand bandaged continuously for so long was incredibly frustrating as you had to wear gloves for many household jobs.

Lynne was prescribed a homeopathic prescription which I explained would kick start the healing process from the inside.  As these warts were over 20mm wide, and appeared to be a side effect of medications, I was unsure how long the healing would take.  It was exactly 10 weeks later that I received a text message saying they had both fallen off and the skin was completely healed underneath.  Lynne was over the moon.

The images show how dramatic the changes are.

This is one of the warts after hospital treatment.


This is the wart six months after treatment and when she came for homeopathic treatment.


This is the wart 10 weeks later.


Homeopathic treatment is non invasive, promoting self healing with organic, natural remedies that is gentle and effective.  More about natural remedies

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