Homeopathy – Less is More

Homeopathy - Less is More

Homeopathy works by giving your own self healing mechanism a reboot.   It asks the body to change it’s reaction to something.  Once the remedy has done it’s job your body carries on the job.

You don’t need to keep taking the remedy!

There may be times when some other factor (a maintaining cause such as a toxin or mould in the environment) may cause the body to not hold the new reaction and the body falls back and another dose is needed.

Whenever you give a remedy you should watch and wait.  See if the body changes it’s reaction and see if it can maintain the more appropriate response.

Because there are no side effects from the remedies you will not need other medications.  The remedies are prescribed to optimise all of your health, so you will not need different remedies for different symptoms.

When you have had the right remedy it will help improve your whole health ... not just a part of it.

Other useful Points to Remember:

To Cure
To cure something means that the patient will never experience that symptom again. This means if the patient is still living you do not know if he or she is cured yet!

A Personalised Treatment
A homeopathic remedy is a medicine that is matched to each individual and the symptoms you are experiencing. It would be quite usual for a homeopath to treat 5 patients with arthritis with five different medicines.

This is because the symptom may have been caused by different reasons and experienced in a different way. Each patient will be treated individually.

Homeopathy is a complementary medicine that will work alongside medications. In fact homeopathic medicine is really useful helping with recovery from surgery or other medical procedures.

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