Migraine relief from Nitro Glycerine

Migraine relief from Nitro Glycerine,

Homeopathy can make a huge difference on day to day living.  Even if you have been suffering for years.    I have seen some huge changes for some of my clients over the last couple of weeks so I thought I would share some with you.

Case 1
Lady with endometriosis, severe pains during her period accompanied by intense 5 day migraines.  We has had some real success stopping the chronic abdominal cramps but the migraines continued to be completely debilitating.   This was obviously where we needed to be working … so I prescribed Glonoine.  This month she only got the impression of a migraine as if it was about to come on but then never did.  After a day and a half the feeling was gone.   Lets hope next month is even better.   Odd …. when you have spent your life dreading periods and now you are strangely fascinated by them … what is going to happen this month?   Can I really have a pain free period?   Watch this space.

Glonoine = Nitro-Glycerine = “Throbbing and bursting headache, waves of terrible pounding, soreness deep in the brain, head heavy but cannot lay it on a pillow.  Headache before, during, after or instead of menses”   *

Case 2
Teenage boy with ME, we had had five good months with more energy, more concentration level and more activity.  He was back at school for 4 or 5 hours a day which was a huge improvement.  Then unfortunately he had a relapse just before Christmas and was back to being in bed, feeling very nauseous all of the time and unable to concentrate on anything.  By January he was back at half speed but with nausea very much the biggest issue.

I had already tried a range of remedies but had been able to knock the nausea into shape.  I decided on Chelidonium and bingo.   For the first time in 5 years he wasn’t nauseous.  Wonderful result!

Chelidonium =  Greater Celandine = “A liver remedy with great lethargy, feels tired on little exertion. Nausea, vomiting, gastric pains, eating relieves temporarily.” *

Case 3
Lady with Hashimoto’s disease whose main issue was tiredness and angry spells.  It was her first consultation and we prescribed staphysagria.  She emailed a few days later amazed at her new found patience, understanding and humour.   We still have a way to go, but a great first result.

Staphisagria = Stavesacre = Delphinium = “Humiliation and shame, very sensitive to what other may say about them.  Violent outbursts of passion, desire for bread and milk.”*

Case 4
Another endometriosis client who sent me a lovely message thanking me for her folliculinum. “I absolutely love it, it makes me feel so womanly …. its ages since I felt like a woman, I even found some of my libido again. Wow.”

Folliculinum = Ovarian Follicule = “Irregular, painful, heavy periods, fibroids, severe abdominal pain, excessive bleeding” (Malissa Assilam)

Case 5
A gentleman in his 70’s with M.E. which he first had in 1980.  He had suffered with extreme exhaustion ever since.  Nevertheless, he was the most cheery person I have ever met, smiling, laughing and completely at peace with his world.  He came back last months after six months of treatment saying he had not had fatigue for at least two months and in fact felt amazing.  His symptoms had pointed to phosphorus 1m and china 30c and was giving some great results.

Phosphorus (element) = “Great drowsiness, short naps ameliorate, sleepy by day, feels as if he hasn’t had enough sleep.  Burning heat, profuse perspiration.  Weakness and trembling, can scarcely hold anything in his hands.” *

All of these remedies were found based on all of the symptoms presented.  Chronic and long term illness needs to be addressed from a Holistic picture.  When you go and see a homeopath, they are looking at everything you feel and experience and they work to find the remedy that matches you and your energy.  A long term illness may take a few months to find the cause of the issue as it may have been hidden by years of medications or other complications.  Homeopathy works by helping the body rebalance itself and creates a new pattern to follow.

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*  Murphies Materia Medica


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