Natural Remedies for Sunburn

Natural Remedies for Sunburn

Holiday Time - Looking after You and your family

Now the summer is well under way many of you will be heading out to warmer climes.

For those of us that enjoy the sun we have had a great few weeks here in the UK. Many of us will be off to get even more sun now the holiday are here. But too much sunshine is not always a good thing, it can sometimes leave us with headaches, sun burn, dehydration and generally feeling unwell.

We are all getting used to wearing sunscreen now and always taking drinking water with you wherever you go. We all realise that getting caught in the sun without these is not a good idea for any age group.

For those of you who find the sun really energy depleting and find that you can’t enjoy the sun at all, it might be worth considering seeing a Natural Health Practitioner or Homeopath to see if they can help address the course of the problem. Click here for more details.

For most of us, the sunshine gives us an opportunity to replenish our energy stocks, to take time out, away from our usual activities and enjoy some different experiences.

Here are some good first aid homeopathic remedies that will be useful to take away with you. You can order a first aid kit from Ainsworth or Helios, if you haven’t already, they are well worth investing in. The remedies will not be harmed if placed in your suitcase or even your hand luggage. They are small and light and really useful to have in your bag when you are out and about on holiday.

The best three remedies to have for too much sun are:

Cantharis - Any burns, sunburn or redness of skin, when your skin is hot and sore and better for cold applications. If you ever come home feeling a little burnt, this remedy will instantly relieve that uncomfortable feeling.

Nat mur - Heat rash or hives, itching and burning

Belladonna - Sunstroke, if skin is dry, hot, throbbing and painful

Other symptoms that you often encounter whilst on holiday and can be relieved with first aid homeopathy include:

Headaches - nat mur or belladonna if throbbing and caused by heat, sun or atmosphere, or nux vomica if caused by over indulgence.

Travel sickness - Cocculus is a really useful travel sickness remedy to have with you.

Fear of flying - arg nit can really help overcome fears of flying. Take one pillule a day for three days prior to traveling then up to one an hour if required as you are close to setting off in the plane.

Insect bites - Ledum is for puncture wounds then apis if your bite swells, is red and throbbing and itching. Cantharis is another good remedy to try.

Sickness from bad food or water - ars alb for diarrhoea and vomiting from food related sickness, or lycopodium if from shellfish.

Hangover - nux vomica is a good hangover remedy

If you would like to find out more about first aid homeopathy remedies please click here

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