Need an Energy Boost?

Need an Energy Boost

Some of the people I talk to about their health need an energy boost.   We need energy in order to function even at the most basic levels.   We need to make sure we are providing our bodies with the energy it needs in order to keep us healthy.   If we already have an additional stress which is using our energy then how can we ensure we are doing the right things to replenish our internal energy tanks.

Whenever our bodies are subjected to additional stressors then we may begin to feel a whole range of physical symptoms on top of general fatigue.   As our bodies struggle to cope it sends us all sorts of messages.

These might include:

Headaches, backache, muscle aches, joint swelling, allergies, sensitivities, insomnia, brain fog, forgetfulness, apathy, lack of focus and much more.

So what do you need to do to get back on track?

It makes sense to think about the facts that are leading to your lack of energy.  What is draining your energy tanks and why aren’t they refilling again?  Why is it you need an energy boost?

Each of your cells have their own energy producing engines and their own energy storage sheds.  Why is your body using more energy than it is making and what can you do about it?

First of all you can list all of the factors that are currently using your energy store. 

Secondly list all of the things you are currently doing to enable your body to create more energy stores (increase your mitochondria) and all of the things you are doing to encourage your mitochondria to increase their energy production.  You might need a bit of help with this one.

So your mitochondria need the right foods and stimulation in order to work harder.   They need protein boosts and falls.  They need a fasting period (when no digestion is taking place) this is when they regenerate and they need a stimulation to work harder.

So you are probably aware that in order for your body to be healthy it needs:

Rest    (10 hours without digestion)

Food    (protein)

Water   (fluids)

Stimulation    (exercise)

but with no energy in the first place - how do you begin to make changes?

Here are a few tips to begin refilling your energy tanks

  1.   Have a glass of water an hour before your breakfast.  (this boosts your mitochondria reproduction
  2.   Have a high protein breakfast.   Your body needs this after a 10 hour fasting time.
  3. Find 20 minutes a day to do something you really enjoy.   Something that makes you smile will help boost your energy tanks
  4. Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day to stimulate your cells to work.   We become healthier and more able to cope with the stresses of life if we subject our bodies to small amounts of physical stress.  Our muscles become stronger, our organs become stronger, our bodies become more resistant to disease and our energy stores are refilled.
  5. Eat a healthy diet.  Eat what your body needs to sustain the work it has to do. Food is fuel for your body - garbage in - garbage out!
  6. Stimulants reduce energy overall - use occasionally - not daily!
  7. Have a 10 hour fasting period - followed by a glass of water.

8.   Use your sleep/recovery time to enjoy darkness (no artificial light).

Lets have a look at what might be using your energy reserves.

With most of my clients the main factor is chronic illness.  This is when you have had conditions for longer than three months.    You now begin to forget what it was like to feel well.  You body begins to change and adapt to a new and different imprint.  It is not functioning at its optimum performance levels.    All of your energy is taken up just keeping up with basic functions and you begin to feel drained and unable to do the replenishing activity you need to do to top up those energy tanks.

You stop exercising, you stop cooking because it is easier to buy pre made foods, you stop leisure activities, because you haven’t got enough spare energy - or the jobs you have to do take up more time, you begin to use more stimulants which have a negative effect on your energy levels and then you become to be overwhelmed by it all which increases your stress levels and begins a downward spiral.

Homeopathy looks at the cause of the disease.   This might be a susceptibility that you have inherited, it might be a trauma you have experienced which created a response action which now is an unconscious habit, it may be an illness that your body didn’t ever recover from.  Most likely it is a combination of all of these things.

A Constitutional Remedy matches your energy and helps kick start your own innate healing capabilities which helps begin the regeneration of the mitochondria in your cells.   The first thing you often feel after a homeopathic remedy is a little bit of spare energy which helps you begin the steps towards your journey back to health.   Constitutional remedies are personal to us and are found by looking at all of our inherited susceptibilities, our current and historical symptoms and our reaction to events around us, our energy to find our individual essence of life.

A First Aid Remedy will address a particular symptom such as insomnia or aching muscles, it will help relieve a specific symptom so that your body has a little more energy to spend on other things.   For example apis will help relieve swelling that is hot, red and itchy.  It might help relieve a symptom but another remedy may need to be found to help address the original course or susceptibility of the swelling.

An Organ Support Remedy is useful to help support particular organs which may be struggling, nux vomica is a useful liver support, Squill is an excellent spleen remedy and iodine for the pancreas.  The physical symptoms experienced will indicate the organ that needs supporting at the time.  Choose a low potency such as 6c or 12c. These remedies are really useful for an immediate energy boost.

If you are experiencing a lack of energy after a virus or illness, or your body is busy defending itself from an infection or auto immune disease, you will need to find a remedy to address this before you find that anything else will work effectively and efficiently. There are many instances of I have never been well since I had chicken pox or a fever and in this instance it is important to address these illness’s or events which seem to be the cause of the energy drain.

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