New Acute Consultation Service

You can now book an Acute Homeopathic Consultation.

After reading through your great feedback for acute homeopathic consultations, we are putting together a service for you.

Whilst we build a team of homeopaths who will be available, I am able to offer an introductory service at several times of the day  and most days a week for acute consultations over the next few weeks.

This service will be:

  • One to one short video consultations
  • With Classically Trained Homeopaths
  • Available by  video call, text chat box, audio internet call.

So if you are stuck with which remedy to choose for yourself or your family, you can now book the help of a Classically trained homeopath and get a helping hand to get your healing underway.

When you book your consultation you will be asked to fill in a quick questionnaire to send to the homeopath before your appointment.

This will help you collate all of the information you will need for the consultation.  It will also help the homeopath understand the situation quickly and easily ready for your appointment.  If the homeopath believes this is not suitable for an acute consultation because the symptoms have been going on for longer than 10 weeks or are recurring at regular intervals or because emergency care is recommended, you will be notified with instructions of how to proceed.

You will be sent a link to join the consultation by email 5 mins before your appointment.  You will need to have internet for your consultation.

Prices:  Your acute consultation will be £22 ($32) You will be given a prescription (a remedy with potency and dose), if you haven't got the remedy you will be given details of where to purchase it.

You will also be offered details of what to expect when the remedy is taken and what to do next.

Below is the diary to book a time that suits you.   Select acute consultation then a list of available time will show for you.

More about homeopathic consultations

Constitutional consultation or Acute prescription

Please book here.  I look forward to working with you.

The information required for the consultation:

  1.  Name and age of patient.
  2.  Symptom details
  3.  Other symptoms noticed over the last week
  4.  When did this first occur?
  5.  Have this symptoms occurred before?
  6.  List remedies and medicines already taken.
  7.  Medical history that might contribute to the symptoms presenting.

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