Our Health History …. addressing the cause of the symptom

Our Health History .... addressing the cause of the symptom

We are the product of our past.   Everything we have experienced builds up our profile.   It helps determine how we react to events, trauma and the environment we live in.

Even brothers and sisters, parents and children, people who experience the same trauma, all react differently (emotionally and physically).  We are individual.

Our health history decides how we will react to everything around us.  What we have inherited, what we have learnt, how we perceive things, how we respond to things.   Our make up is complex, habits we learn along the way create how we react in the future.  This is for both physical and emotional reactions.

We have probably inherited some physical flaws, our bodies may have been compromised in some way through the genes we were born with.  Our ancestors may have passed on the remainders of old diseases not properly addressed leaving us more susceptible in certain areas.

Often people say "My chest is my weak point", or "it always gets me in the throat" or I have always been allergic".   Symptoms which we experience as young children often give us ideas of previous generation illness that may have been passed on as a weakness. Some inherited susceptibilities don't affect us until later in life.   Often we know that particular illness runs in the family, certain cancers, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes etc.   The list is long.

This is our starting point .... from here on in, our body is affected by what happens to us both emotionally and physically.   Things that can change our physical reactions to events, illness and trauma include:

  • our upbringing
  • medications
  • medical procedures
  • vaccinations
  • traumas
  • experiences
  • illness
  • accidents
  • relationships
  • opportunities

The symptoms we experience are unique to us.   The cause of a headache, a defective joint, a weak lung is different for each and every one of us.   This is important because to find the right remedy we need to understand the history that has got us to where we are now.

The way we experience our symptoms are also unique to us.   With homeopathy we have to explain the pain in detail.  The way the pain manifests can be quite different from the next person.

With homeopathic treatment, we may treat 10 headaches with 10 different remedies because a headache is not just a pain in the head.... it is an individual response, a message that something is amiss.   To address the pain we need to understand the message and address the REAL issue.

Homeopathic remedies treat the whole person, they help rebalance the system and correct the issues that are arising.   There are over 5000 remedies to choose from.  We have to find the right remedies for you, the ones which will help rectify that original cause that knocked you off balance.

In order to find the right remedy we will take into account all of your health history, your emotional and physical responses to everything around you.  We need to find out what makes you you..... then we can really begin to make subtle changes to get you back to optimal health.

If you have been suffering for quite a while, this wont be a quick fix.  We will work at the speed of your body, we will address each layer as it presents and we will help you find the way to optimise your health by going back through your health history.

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