Quarreling – Can Homeopathy Help?

I don't like to think of homeopathy as changing people, more that it puts them at ease with the world.  So the thought of changing a habit or a personality trait is not what it's about.  Quarreling is a good example of this.

So what is a quarrel?   The definition from the Oxford Dictionary is: "a heated argument or disagreement, typically about a trivial issue and between people who are usually on good terms ".

So how people interact with each other is often a signal of an imbalance, in this case, a frustration.  The observation helps us find the energy of the person and helps us find remedies that will suit the person.  So when does quarrelling become a problem thats needs to be "fixed".

When people feel frustrated, irritated and angry with those around them, there is often something going on inside.   We can only guess at the emotions that are whirring around inside someone else, often they are unable to vocalise it because they themselves have no idea why or what is happening.   So we can learn a great deal from observation.  We must learn to observe without prejudice .... this is the hard bit.

Take your self out of the picture and look at the scene as if you were a fly on the wall, observing, not being affected in any way by the interaction you are watching.   Now try explaining what you are seeing without any bias or personal emotion.

Here are some great remedies to consider provided by  DR RAJNISH JAIN from INDIA.

A brief comparative study on homeopathy remedies for quarrelling

1. Kali group—Quarrels at home with known people.

2. Causticum—Quarreling against injustice to achieve justice.

3. Nux Vomica—Quarreling due to intolerance of contradiction, As he is an achiever.

4. Asaefotida— Quarreling due to anger, destructive rage and fury in a very loud tone

5. Moschus— Quarrels due to his over senstiveness to all external Impressions.

6. Lycopodium—Quarrels when his authority is challenged.

7.Aurum— Quarrels when his rules and regulations are not followed. ( Dutiful and discplined.)

8.Cina—- Always complaining, quarreling is a continuous Nagging and moaning.

9.Phosphorus—Quarrels when not getting returned affection. (Misanthropy)

10.Arsenic alb.—Quarrels due to his extremely censorious and Critical nature.

11.Verat. alb.—Quarrels to show his position.

12.Hyoscymus—Induces quarrel by inciting people.

13.Crocus— Quarrels due to his changing moods suddenly.

14.Mercury—Quarreling from timidity.So rebelling or revolting.

15.Cantharis—A riotous quarrelsome.Least contradiction makes him furious


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