Vitamin D and Iron Levels Improve with Homeopathy

How can Homeopathy Help Improve your Vitamin and Mineral Uptake?

Great feedback from some of my clients this week:

Vitamin D and Iron levels

It is always good when a client sends an email with some great results from the blood tests. But it does make me sad that the general public are not told that there is an easy way to help your body regain health without the need for expensive medications.

“I usually always get told that my iron levels and vitamin d levels are very low - but not this time!!! Hallelujah!!!!!! I am so so so so pleased. And so grateful to you for teaching me and reminding me how to respect and listen to my body once again. 

As recent as last year I was told that my iron and vitamin d levels were dangerously low!! And I haven’t taken anything for it - no extra supplements or anything.

I took a full blood work last week, as it’s been a good while since I had and I had been curious about my vitamin levels as well as iron etc. Plus since we are thinking about conceiving I wanted to especially make sure about my iron levels. And, Today, was the first time in possibly my entire life, where I was told that there was “no further action needed” on any part of my blood work/body.

SV …. UK

Homeopathy cannot create vitamins and minerals that are lacking in your body, what it can do is help your body use the resources it has available to it.

There is no better way to supply your body with the nutrients it needs than by eating a healthy, complete diet.   Everything your body requires should be provided in the food we eat.  Usually our body can then take what it needs and eliminate what it doesn't need.  Occasionally this system goes wrong and the body is not able to make use of the nutrients available.  Occasionally, your body needs a helping hand.

If you think you have a good diet and you consume the right nutrients for your body, but you seem to be lacking in energy or vitality, please book a FREE 15 minute consultation to find out how homeopathy can help change your health by fine tuning your nutrient uptake.

Other great results this week:-

Gains this month Endometriosis Sufferer
Period much lighter and less painful
My emotional boundaries are so much better. I can listen to other people without feeling the weight of their problem on my shoulders. I feel much more myself this month, phosphorus makes me feel so good. 

Exhaustion and Cravings
“Everything is going much better and I am not craving sugar half as much.  I didn’t expect to see these results so quickly”.

Agonising Periods
“I can’t believe I am actually looking forward to my period so see how it will be.  I am usually in such agony I am in bed for three days.  My last two periods have been unbelievable.  I have been able to do my usual chores and haven’t resorted to my bad at all”.

Find out how homeopathy can help you by booking a FREE 15 minute introduction consultation 

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