Detoxing with Homeopathy

Detoxing with Homeopathy

If your symptoms may have been caused by environmental or medical products it may be possible to begin a detoxing programme with your homeopath.

The process will involve using remedies that are either made of the offending substances or remedies which would give the same symptoms if given in excess.

Using the actual substance in very dilute solutions is known as tautopathy.  Using a similar substance is known as homeopathy.  The remedies are prepared the same way and to the same potencies by licensed homeopathic pharmaceutical companies.

Personalised Health Plan
Your homeopath will decide the programme which is best for you and your sensitivity. Alongside the detox remedy will be an organ support remedy to ensure you have adequate drainage methods.  (We want the body to throw out the toxins, so they have to come out somewhere).  You may also be prescribed constitutional remedies at the same time to begin optimising your health stamina to build your resilience to the environment.

Depending on your health history, you may have to undergo several detox regimes as different medications can block the recovery from other toxins so there may be several rounds required over the period of a few months of so.

Detox programmes include but are not limited to:

  • steroids
  • antibiotics
  • heavy metals
  • birthing drugs
  • anaesthetics
  • molds
  • contraceptives
  • hormones
  • vaccinations
  • chemicals (specific)

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