Why Book a Consultation?

I recently had a lovely email from a client thanking me for unexpected changes that had occured since beginning treatment four or five weeks previously.

It was great to realise that not only all of the things we were addressing were improving but even things that were much deeper and more ingrained.

“Just wanted to tell you - that over the last two nights the winds have been pretty strong and disruptive here. All we could hear for most of the night were howling, whistling winds.. and I wasn’t scared!!!! And these were pretty heavy and strong gale force winds. This is the FIRST TIME in possibly all my life I’ve not been afraid of wild weather. If anything, I was annoyed that it was so obnoxiously loud and I couldn’t sleep haha! This is absolutely fascinating. I even slept on and off through it - which would never have happened before.

I just really wanted to share this with you. It’s a big big big deal for me, to feel this normal. I’ve never felt this before. Thank you so much”!

This wasn't too much of a surprise for me, because I see these changes occuring all of the time, but what I was interested to learn was the thought processes before choosing to book a consultation with me.

This is a lovely lady who is already practicing Holistic therapies using Essential Oils and other therapies, so what had made her decide to book homeopathic treatment now and what did she expect to gain from it?

"I have seen homeopathy work wonders for me for many many years, but I’ve not had such a strong reaction like this before. This was probably the biggest positive changes I’ve ever gone through, and have ever been so in tune with my body". 

 "My body and mind were really ready to heal, especially as I was using more and more other holistic therapies. Everything I thought worked to an extent - and then I’d need to try something else to get something else fixed. Homeopathy was naturally my go to as I was seeking a root based healing that I didn’t need to depend on (like a negative/needy attachment), but I could trust that it was doing its job everyday - but it was hard finding the right homeopath.  I liked the sound of your experience and how easy it was to book an appointment with you online. It felt right instantly, and the weeks following with our communication has just proved that even more. Not to mention the “spot on” remedies thus far".

Thank you SV for allowing me to share your experience so far.

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