Homeopathy during labour

Homeopathy during labour

There are certain remedies you should definitely have close at hand whilst in labour.

The pregnancy kits have a range of remedies in 200c for use during labour

Don’t worry, you will be able to use the remedies to treat yourself and your family after you have given birth.  200c potency is great for any circumstance when the symptom comes on quickly and very intensely.

If you only have 30c potencies - it will still work - just have them close at hand and make sure your birthing partner has read all of the information about the remedies - because you are not going to be in a position to decide what you need.

I suggest you have a summary print out that you can put in with the remedies.  Remember, you can take the remedies alongside whatever else you need at the time.  They won’t affect mainstream medication because it works on a completely different level.

Potency 200c or 30c

This is for when you are really vocal.
Abusive, screaming, angry, impatience, irritability to the point of wanting to go home.   Chamomilla does not want to be comforted, in fact they don’t know what they want.

Aconite is a great remedy if you feel afraid, from anticipatory anxiety to full blown fear of dying, aconite will help, also if you feel restless, you have a very fast violent labour or afterwards if you feel shocked by the whole experience.

Is useful if contractions stop, or if the face becomes really flushed, you are experiencing intense back pain or if you are bleeding heavily.  It can be used if you are chattering nervously and will help calm you, sometimes you may have a choking feeling in the throat and Gelsemium will again help calm you.  Use gelsemium if your speech becomes thick and drunken.

Really useful if your labour is really slow, long and painful, if you are very tearful, emotional and constantly weeping.  Pulsatilla is useful if you become hysterical, if you feel nauseous, and if you feel better for being comforted.   Pulsatilla should be used if you feel helpless, depressed or exhausted or suffering from intense back pain.

This is a great remedy if you fail to dilate, if you are shivering, trembling or shuddering.  Cimicifuga should be used if the feeling of desperation, gloom or depression has a terrible sense of foreboding.   If you experience intense thigh pain then cimicifuga is a good remedy.

Carbo Veg
If you become exhausted, with absolutely no energy left.

Don’t forget - your birthing partner might well need some if these remedies too.  If they are exhausted or faint - give carbo veg, become weepy - pulsatilla, feel shocked then aconite!

Homeopathy After childbirth you will need:
Arnica and calendula to help with your healing.  Have one dose of each every day for five days. 

If you had stitches, forceps or a caesarean, then you might also benefit from staphisagria to have for three consecutive days.  This remedy is also useful if you feel resentment, humiliation or disappointment after the birth.

If you feel shocked or bewilderment - take aconite.

If you feel weepy take pulsatilla.

Administering homeopathy during labour.

This is the one time when things change rapidly.  You can go from feeling weepy to feeling angry and aggressive in minutes.  Your symptoms might change over and over again.   Because of the intensity of the situation, the energy is running high, you may be requiring different remedies at shorter intervals than usual.

You will experience moments when you have three remedies in the space of twenty minutes and other tomes when you are coping well and don’t need anything at all.   Everyone is different and the remedies you need and how often you take them, cannot be foreseen.   Go with how you feel and what you are comfortable with. 

I wish you all the best and hope you have a wonderful experience.


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6 homeopathic remedies that you should should definitely have close at hand whilst in labour.

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