How Can Homeopathy Improve Fertility?

How Can Homeopathy Improve Fertility?

When clients come to me asking whether homeopathy can help improve their chances of conception, I am usually very optimistic. Homeopathy helps to rebalance disorder in the body. It helps to set things straight and get systems back on track. There are so many reasons why a person may be having trouble conceiving, it is important to understand the full medical history in order to find the right remedies to help correct a problem.

It is usual that there are a few different symptoms that have emerged over the years. There may be underlying issues with previous reactions to medication or contraception, there may be physical symptoms resulting in painful cycles, ovulation difficulties or diagnosed conditions such as endometriosis or ovarian cysts. Many people also seek support if they are late in deciding they want to start a family and just want to be as healthy as possible.

Whatever the reason you seek the support of a homeopath, your individual programme of healthcare will be tailored to your health, to your body and to your experience. The remedies that you will be prescribed will be chosen to find the best way to correct the imbalance that your body is experiencing.

We begin by taking notes of any physical and emotional symptoms that you may be suffering from now, we will be looking to help address any pain that you are suffering now as well as regulate your cycle in order to maximise the potential conception window. We will take into consideration any variations of your hormonal picture and we will look at how it can be reset to be manageable, comfortable, regular and healthy.

By taking notes about all of your previous medical history and your family medical history, we should be able to establish when things may have started to go off kilter. We can go back as far as necessary to help the body reset to a healthy state. By addressing the cause of the malfunction we can help the body make the necessary adjustments so that they can stay on a healthy track. We do not just mask the symptoms, we work at long term changes.

Often people don’t realise that have a regular cycle is possible and the idea of a pain free cycle is way beyond expectations. One of my first patients came to me to help her with anxiety which was heightened during her difficult cycle. After a month of homeopathic medications to normalise her cycle, she was blown away by the fact that she no longer had premenstrual pain. She couldn’t believe that she had had to endure so many years of pain and she had had no idea that this didn’t need to be the case.

Some of the popular remedies used to address the causes of infertility

Sepia - One of the main women’s remedies sepia is useful for people who have never been well since puberty, childbirth or weaning. With tiredness, exhaustion and dragging down sensations, sepia is useful for those who become angry, sensitive or irritable before their period.  Sepia is useful for people who have had many years of hormonal contraceptives and need their hormonal balance to be 'reset.'

Lachesis - For ladies suffering with ovarian and uterine pains as well as other symptoms including hot flushes, haemorrhages, clotting and very heavy periods. You often feel worse with tight clothing and find that symptoms are relieved the moment your flow begins.

Arsenicum Album - A good remedy to help endometriosis and other uterine disorders. Often with great exhaustion being one of the symptoms as well as burning pains in the ovarian region

Belladonna - With dragging pains in the abdomen and/or severe cutting pains going from hip to hip, you would think of belladonna if it feels like a burning heat, throbbing, red and hot. Pain in the sacrum, and heavy throbbing breasts.

Apis - This remedy often helps with swollen ovaries, ovarian cysts and tumours. You might experience pain in the right ovary with soreness and stinging pains.  Your period may be irregular or appear only for one day.

Cimicifuga - Pains right across the pelvis from hip to hip, debilitating pain. Ovarian neuralgia, groin pain.

Colocynthis - Boring pain in ovaries which may be relieved by bending over double, pressure relieves some of the pain. History of ovarian cysts. Cramp like pain, sciatic pain in the left side.

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