Auto-Immune Case Study

Harriet came to me when she heard I might be able to help relieve the constant pain in her muscles. She had been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease which was leaving Harriet exhausted most of the time. Harriet was used to taking painkillers twice a day to be able to get through the day. She was studying for a degree and needed to have a job during the holidays, but it was really hard to keep going.

As well as the constant muscle pain, Harriet suffered with acute nerve sensitivity which meant that if she brushed her limbs up against anything, shooting nerve sensations shot up the limb and left it feeling bruised and sore. Harriet also found it very difficult to make decisions, the worried constantly about "what would happen if...." it meant that often she didn’t make a decision and so was unable to get and progress as she should be. Another thing she mentioned was that her diagnosis was on her mind all of the time, she felt it all of the time and her conversation was often dominated by it.

Because she was finding everything so difficult, Harriet felt different, she felt people did not understand her condition and probably thought she was constantly making excuses. This left her feeling annoyed and sometimes angry.

After the first prescription of homeopathic medicine, Harriet felt something change immediately. For the first 24 hours after taking the medicine, Harriett's bowel movements became loose and she found herself running to the loo a few times. That soon passed and she felt lighter. The main thing was, she wasn't in pain. In fact in those first few weeks Harriet went from taking up to 4 pain killers a day down to less than one a week. She came back to her second consultation with the belief that maybe the Dr's were wrong, maybe she didn't have to suffer for the rest of her life.

The prescription was repeated and Harriet felt that at last she was able to see her future without the burden of constantly feeling ill. As decision making seemed a little easier, Harriet found herself organising a trip to London and then to see go and visit a University 300 miles away as she was considering moving away for her final year of study. Whilst Harriet still had a way to go with her recovery, three months after taking her first homeopathic remedy, she knows there has already been a big improvement in her health, which has given her a freedom and a confidence that she hadn't even imagined.

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