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Homeopathic Case Helping Cystitis

Mrs. D, fifty-seven-year-old; chronic cystitis

She has had frequent cystitis ever since childhood. At age ten, a pocket was diagnosed in her bladder; she also has one undersized kidney (left) and one normal kidney. She suffers from hypertension.   She was operated on the pocket in her bladder, which reduced the cystitis for some time. Then, the cystitis began to recur more and more frequently. During the past years, she had almost annual flare-ups of cystitis; more recently, they have occurred once every six weeks or so, for which she has been given antibiotics, sometimes for three months at a time.

She has had a hysterectomy at age fifty-one, and now has hot flushes.

She describes herself as a very sporty person: she has a gym at home, practices Pilates; she loves to play golf, badminton, walk and cycle. She wears a back brace due to a back problem.  She loves the outdoors and the fresh air. Her life revolves around family and sports. She is happily married and has three sons, all of whom are also sporty. She and her husband worked hard, bought at house and settled down, renovating houses and renting them out. Recently, she and her husband have sold their rental houses and now spend much of their time travelling the world in their camper van, reaping the benefits of all their hard work. She has friends all over the world and she loves to see how other people live.  She loves the sea and has always lived close to it.

She describes herself as happy and contented. She and her husband spend almost all their time together and are happy in each other’s company. Her main focus is around her children: “If they are happy, I am happy.” She is not concerned about saving the world or marching for a cause, just about coming back home to her family and looking after them.

At the time of the first appointment, another bladder infection was beginning. Her bladder felt swollen and sore, with a constant urge to urinate, though she was only passing a few drops. The pain is worse at night; a pain that goes through her whole body like a nerve pain, enough to make her grind her teeth and her eyes water. It is a heavy, dragging down sensation in her belly. She often has a headache with the bladder infection, and a high fever.

Prescription: Populus tremuloides 200C once every two weeks, twice, then once per month for several months.

Follow up after five weeks: the bladder infection diminished shortly after the initial dose, with no need for antibiotics. She did not have a recurrence of cystitis until a year later, when there was a slight recurrence while travelling in Europe, where she became run down. She now self-medicates with a dose of Populus tremuloides on the rare occasion when she experiences a swollen feeling in her bladder coming on. Her blood pressure has normalised after the remedy.

Follow up four years: she is still well.

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