What Could You Achieve With More Energy?

What Could You Achieve With More Energy?

When you have many physical and emotional symptoms that are dragging you down and holding you back, it's hard to know where to begin.  You need energy to begin but you need to begin to release some energy.

If you are unlucky enough to be a sufferer of an auto-immune disease then you know what this feels like.   With your body susceptible to inflammation at any time, which knocks you for six every time, you know that energy is precious.  When the symptoms of inflammation are often the cause of other related symptoms such as insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, muscle pain and IBS, you know how bad things can feel.

The prescribed anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant drugs often give rise to other symptoms which cause even more changes in our bodies (usually not good changes). Often the medication just covers up a symptom, it doesn't address the course of the issue, so when you stop the medication, the symptoms return.

When using homeopathy to help relieve physical symptoms and we begin the uphill hike to better, improved health, we consider many areas of health to find out how best to begin the healing process. Sometimes it seems that our patient is many miles from who they remember being before their health took such a downhill sprint.

In cases such as these, I often ask, what is the most annoying symptoms you have to address at the moment? What is taking all of your energy? If we can begin there, and then regain some of your spent energy, we will begin so see you again, you will begin to feel like you again and you will be ready to begin the hike for health!

I client came to me a few months ago with several autoimmune, inflammatory diseases. For 20 years she had been on a huge list of medication and there were many symptoms from which she suffered. I was surprised, when I asked what was most annoying for her at that time, Lynne explained that the two warts on her hand were driving her crazy.

I was soon to discover that her hand had, in fact been bandaged for nearly three years to prevent the warts spreading. Over six months previously, she had had hospital burning treatment for one of the warts. Unfortunately it was still growing and in fact was now worse than ever.

So one of the first homeopathic treatments Lynne had (I have changed her name for the purpose of these notes) was to help heal those two warts. Lynne explained that living with your hand bandaged for so long was incredibly frustrating as it meant that every household chore was so much more difficult.

The homeopathic remedy prescribed to Lynne made a notable change right from day one. Lynne was surprised that she could feel something, she could feel the wart become inert. She was also pleasantly surprised that her intense itching (all over her body) had also stopped. After three years one of the warts was over 20mm in diameter and was still growing. She had had treatment after treatment and still they grew!  But now, Lynne said something was happening.  They felt different.   After just 10 weeks of Lynnes first homeopathic consultation,  both of the warts on her hand peeled off (on the same day). The skin underneath was perfectly healed. The bandage came off and Lynne was ecstatic.

We had also managed to reduce a few other symptoms in the process.  Lynne’s, itchy skin had stopped itching,  her intense migraine which she had been suffering from almost every day had reduced significantly and also she had reduced her anti sickness injections from 3 a day to 3 a week. After 20 years of medication, Lynne had seen a vast improvement in 10 weeks. And it hadn’t gone unnoticed by her consultants at the hospital too.

Here is what Lynne has to say about her first homeopathic experience:

“I unfortunately have 2 autoimmune disorders and lots of drug induced problems – I have had to spend the last 23 years of my 35 years of life receiving conventional medical treatments – many of which are harsh physically and psychologically. When I first went to Mary I was very ill – I had no energy, was miserable with my situation and petrified about what the future would hold. I knew very little about homeopathy but I went along with an open mind. I am a total convert and where possible when new problems arise I choose to seek Mary’s, ‘side effect free,’ help rather than more conventional medication. I trust and know that Mary would tell me if and when I also need additional conventional medication – nothing she would do would put my health or well-being in jeopardy.

Since starting homeopathy, just a mere two months ago, I am coming on physically and psychologically leaps and bounds. I am amazed at how much energy those little remedy pills give me and how my body is starting to heal itself. My confidence is growing exponentially and I am starting to drive again after nearly three years without a car. I am no longer in chains because of illness. People who haven’t seen me for several weeks keep saying in amazement at how well I am looking (including my GP) and I am certain that is because of the homeopathy. Yes, I am still on the healing path and haven’t arrived at the end destination yet but I would say to anybody give homeopathy a try, be opened minded and give your body the nudge it needs to help itself to heal”.

What I have found amazing is that we have just found Lynne some extra energy and with a few nudges here and there we have begun to make big changes to her everyday life.

If you ever wonder - well where do I start? or you struggle to remember you? …. we don’t have to start at the beginning. All we have to do, is release some of the energy you are using to struggle on, and we can use it to light a flame within you to begin the healing process.

It’s there, you have it inside you, we just have to catch a bit and watch it grow back into YOU again.

Please pass this on to someone who would like to have a bit more energy again.

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