Chronic Fatigue Relief

I have changed the names of the Clients for their identity protection.

Chronic Fatigue
Kay (I have changed her name for the purpose of this case study) had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue 4 or 5 years before coming to see me.  Everything was a struggle.  Life had no joy. Kay was just managing to hold down her job, but her family was suffering.  Life was exhausting.  Working part time and having 2 young children was taking up every ounce of energy Kay could find.  She felt there was nothing left in her pot ... and it was getting worse.

Because Kay had no spare energy, she was finding that she was seeing less of her extended family and friends.  She was becoming overwhelmed by the demands of life and was having trouble making decisions, sleeping or having enough energy to to anything other than survive.

Within a month of beginning her treatment, Kay was feeling very different.  Her brain seemed less woolly, she began to smile, work became easier.  Over the next few months, Kay realised that she was able to take more of an active role with the family and able to help her mother with some jobs she needed doing.  Making decisions became easier and Kay was able to plan a holiday and take up jogging.  Kay was amazed that she could feel so different in such a short space of time.

Auto Immune
Sandra suffers from several auto immune diseases and has been on steroids and other drugs for over 25 years. She came to me when she was absolutely fed up with the constant migraines, the nausea and other side effects of the drugs she was taking.  To give you some idea, she was taking up to 6 injections a day to prevent vomiting.  Within three months of treatment, Sandra was down to two injections a week to prevent vomiting and, with the approval of her consultants she had reduced the steroids by half.  Her migraines had reduced to only occasional bursts which were much more manageable.

Sandra now found she could eat much more variety of foods so her diet improved and became much more interesting.  Reducing the steroids she was on (which has to be done with your Doctor's approval) meant her body was much less bloated and she was much happier with her figure.  The constant itching ceased and for the first time in years, Sandra began driving again.

To say that Sandra has a new lease of life would be an understatement.  "Homeopathic medicine has changed everything for me"!

Warts - a side effect of medication

Lynne came to see me to see if I could help relieve some of the side effects from the medication she was taking.  When I asked what was the most annoying symptoms she was suffering from she explained that her warts were driving her crazy.  She had had her hand bandaged for over two years and had had numerous warts there for over three years.  She had had them treated in hospital with burning, but they seemed to be getting worse not better.

There were two warts, One of which was on the tip of her finger and was particularly painful, the other had a lot of tissue damage from the burning treatment. Having your hand bandaged continuously for so long was incredibly frustrating as you had to wear gloves for many household jobs.

Lynne was prescribed a homeopathic prescription which I explained would kick start the healing process from the inside.  As these warts were over 20mm wide, it took a few weeks for this to happen but it was not long before I received a text message saying they had both fallen off and the skin was completely healed underneath.  Lynne was over the moon.