Homeopathic Treatment – Your first 2 consultations are FREE

Homeopathic Treatment - Your first 2 consultations are FREE
This offer is only available until 2nd August 2017

If you have wanted to try homeopathy, but you are not sure how it will help you - now is your chance to find out with 2 free consultations with a registered homeopath.

Book now to have your first TWO FREE homeopathic consultations,   Worth £120

I recently asked one of my clients what physical symptoms had improved since having homeopathic treatment.    This is the list she wrote:

gastrointestinal issues
sensitivity to sound and light
heavy limbs
restless legs
unexplained numbness
energy levels
activity levels
cognitive function    

The list goes on… all of my previous symptoms have been affected by either going away, more manageable or only come when I have a flare.

Ready to try homeopathy now?   Register now and get your first 2 homeopathic consultations completely free of charge. (Limited availability)

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Homeopathy works by triggering healing responses in your body.   It can also help by addressing the cause of the ill health although this takes a bit more time.   Some of your symptoms will begin to improve straight away.   Homeopathy is a safe natural medicine which helps reduce your symptoms.  You don't have to stop your medications for it to work.

I asked a client how things had changed for her over the last few months of taking homeopathy.  This is what she said.

I can now socialise for short periods
I have had a holiday to the seaside
I can leave my bed on most days
I can go out with my dogs
I can work for short periods
I can pace myself sensibly
I feel happy not tearful
I am sure I’m missing things but the short answer is “I am out of bed and I have a life"

The homeopathic treatment programme has already seen other great results:

including :-
improving energy levels,
improving sleep patterns,
reducing muscle pains,
improving rheumatic or other inflammatory conditions,
reducing nerve sensitivity
reducing food sensitivity
increasing social activities
improving mood
reducing allergies
increasing ability to exercise
reducing number of crashes
reducing severity of crashes
improving recovery time of a crash

Here are some of the comments already received:

"I feel like someone turned the light switch back on"

"The most amazing thing is being able to go out for lunch with my daughter.  We had such fun, laughing and enjoying being together - I can't remember the last time I could do that" 

If I'm honest I wasn't sure what to expect, I wasn't totally convinced it would work but it has had an amazing effect on my body and my life. My symptoms of chronic fatigue were affecting every aspect of my life including my mental health. Without homeopathy, I feel my life would still be stuck in the constant cycle of work and sleep with nothing else in my life. 

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Consultations will take place via skype or telephone at a convenient time to suit.

Your first two consultations will take place within 5 weeks of each other.   As homeopathy is a gentle form of natural medicine working at the pace of your own self healing system, you will first notice you have a bit more energy for your body to be able to begin changing a few things.

Medications will be sent in the post for UK patients or prescriptions will be given to International clients with a recommendation of where to purchase in their country of residence.

If this might be of interest to you or someone you know please send me your details by email. This opportunity will suit you if:

  • You have been suffering from symptoms relating to chronic fatigue for over one year (you might have only just had a diagnosis but you know that you have had symptoms for much longer.
  • You are interested in finding a more holistic way of getting your life back.

Other points you need to know:

You will not be asked to come off your prescribed medications - you must consult with your own Doctor to reduce your mainstream medicines.

You will be asked about your diet and lifestyle and you will be given advice about making subtle changes if it is appropriate to do so. This will all be part of the healing process.

You don’t need to know anything about homeopathy, or for that matter, believe in holistic or natural therapies, you will however agree to try the therapies or remedies prescribed.

Consultations will last for three quarters of an hour by telephone or by skype or facetime Your First Two Consultations will be FREE OF CHARGE if you register your interest today.   Your third consultation will usually be booked 6 weeks after your second one.  This one and any subsequent consultations will be charged at £50 each.

Homeopathy does not heal you - it is merely a personal catalyst in helping your body begin the healing process. Together we will find and address the course of your diagnosis and we will put the right building blocks in place to begin healing and building a stronger defence mechanism so you are much less prone to these symptoms.

Yes I would like to see how homeopathy can help me

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If you know someone else who might be interested in this trial then please do pass the details on quickly, this really is only available for a couple of days.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


Mary Greensmith RSHom

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