Endometriosis – Pain Relief

Endometriosis - Pain relief

If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis then you have probably been suffering with ovarian pain, heavy and painful periods and maybe emotional turmoil or exhaustion. You might be interested to learn more about endometriosis pain relief using natural remedies

There are many of us suffering from all of these symptoms but have not had a diagnosis, because it is a difficult diagnosis to make with an invasive procedure in order to determine the cause of the pain.

What is Endometriosis?
Endometriosis is the growth of the endometrium in other parts of the body than the uterus.  So the rogue tissue may be found on the fallopian tubes, the ovaries, the bladder and the intestines.

The resulting symptoms that you may experience include irregular periods, heavy bleeding, spotting between periods, chronic intestinal pain as the tissue grows then breaks down and your monthly cycle begins.

A laparoscopic exam can confirm the sites of the endometrium and surgery can remove the tissue. 

The Cause of Endometriosis
The cause of endometriosis may be many and varied.  Inherited disposition is common, oestrogen imbalance is also found to heighten the disturbance.  The endometrium tissue feeds from oestrogen flowing around the body.  It is also capable of creating it’s own supply of oestrogen from testosterone.  We don’t know how much our environment is affecting our oestrogen levels as we continually are exposed to xenoestrogens used in food production, plastics, pesticides etc.

Recovering from Endometriosis
Many women will recover from endometriosis themselves.  We know that our body is capable of self healing if given the conditions to do so.  So it is important to know how to encourage self healing, what we can do ourselves to make all of the difference and provide our body with everything it needs.

The areas that can be implemented into your daily life to promote healing are:

  • Diet - eat the right diet for your body 
  • Sleep - Get enough sleep so your body has time to clear out cellular waste and produce the energy you need to heal
  • Energy - You need energy to produce energy - learn what you can do that will make a difference to your energy levels
  • Stress - Stress takes huge amounts of energy, learning to manage your stress levels will greatly improve your healing process
  • Pain management  - this is where you may need help from a health practitioner.

Endometriosis Pain relief
This is the main area to find the support to keep us on track and motivated to achieve better health.  Homeopathy can offer instant support and pain relief from symptoms.

I find that many of my female patients, for whatever reason they come to me, find that after taking a homeopathic remedy their periods become more manageable.  They become more regular, less heavy, less clotty, and much less painful.  To me, this shows that many areas of ill health are expressed in our monthly cycle.

One of the first areas that our body works on is to begin balancing our hormones and sorting out our periods.  For those of us in perimenopause or menopause, it often means helping to regulate us through the transitional phase.

Homeopathic Remedies
We have many remedies to help us through this recovery.  Here are just a few to give you a taste for the improvement possible.

Uterine and ovarian pains, breast pains, pains flying from one side to the other.  Labour like pains, pains in the left ovary, sensation of a weight in the uterus.  Intolerance to pain.  Debilitating pain between periods. Pain across the pelvis from hip to hip or upwards and downwards along the thighs.  Muscular and cramp like pains.  Cimicifuga is often indicated if there is a sense of gloom and dejection as if there is a black cloud over them.

Uterine hemorrhage with clots, worse from motion. Inflammation of ovaries and uterus after childbirth.  Periods are often early and extremely heavy.  Uterine pains extend down the thighs. Pain from sacrum to pubis and extending upwards. Pains increase suddenly and decrease slowly.  Bleeding between periods.

Irregular, intolerable, labour like pains going up and down inner thighs with heavy periods with dark clots. Extremely sensitive to all types of pain. Griping in the naval region and in the small of the back. Pain in loins and hips, Often physical symptoms are accompanied with restlessness and irritability with patients being quarrelsome, impatient and intolerant.

Pain in right ovary as if torn and could be extending to thighs. A stitching type pain in ovaries (sharp pain on and off, maybe with numbness) which are sensitive to touch. Could be experienced with a splitting headache which is worse for any motion.

Dragging pains around the loins, cutting pain from hip to hip, bearing down pains toward genitals. Breast pain worse for lying down, breasts feel heavy. Cramp, colic or clawing pain around the navel, all worse for pressure.  Headaches would be hammering, throbbing and fullness.

Uterine and ovarian pains which are relieved by the onset of your period. Left ovary pains. Right abdomen pain causing fainting. Breasts inflamed and painful to touch. All pains worse for tight clothing. Vomits during periods, pit of stomach painful to touch.

Agonizing pain in abdomen area causing you to double over to get relief. Pains as if clamped.  Pains relieved by pressure.  Pains are cramping, griping or tearing with make you twist and turn to get relief  Boring pain in ovary region, pain when urinating, cramp like pain in hip, lying on the affected side might bring relief

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