Renewable, Natural, Organic Medicine

Renewable, Natural, Organic Medicine

Homeopathic Remedies are prepared from many different substances including plants, minerals, tissue, mammals, fish, metals, compounds, bacteria, and more.  The amount used is a tiny amount which is diluted many many times to make a solution. 

One drop of the medicated potency can be shared onto many pilulles.  Therefore a very small amount of resource used will be made into thousands and thousands of remedies.  This means that no one remedy will ever cause an effect on the worlds resources.  Homeopathy is fully renewable and always will be.

Because homeopathy uses so little of the original substance it is cheap to make and cheap to buy.   The remedies can last for many many years and they do not need to change because they are still effective even 200 years after they were first used.

The preparation of the remedies involves:

  • The remedy material
  • Water for dilution
  • Alcohol to preserve the integrity of the remedy
  • Pillule to carry the remedy usually sucrose or lactose pellet.

There are no chemicals involved in the manufacture of the medicines.  The remedies are made by pharmaceutical companies that still use the original procedures documented 200 years ago.

Homeopathic remedies do not give side effects, last for many years, create a change in our body that gives long lasting health improvements.

Testing the Remedies

The remedies are tested by giving them to healthy human beings continuously until they create a symptom.   The tester then stops taking the remedy and the symptoms subside and the body returns to normal.   This gives us a huge picture of the symptoms that this remedy will help. We call this process proving the remedy.  (We do not test the remedies on animals).

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