Pain relief for PMT

Pain relief for PMT

3 in 4 women experience pmt at some stage through their life.  Premenstrual tension can cause intense pain, anxiety, headaches, backaches, stomach cramps, irritation, mood swings and nausea and fainting.  It is often relieved by the onset of the monthly cycle, but for some the pains continue until the bleeding stops.

There are many reasons that pmt may affect you at certain times of life.  A visit to the Doctor may result in a hormonal prescription for you to take. Unfortunately for some people this may result in problems further down the line and this is the reason that many women seek to find a natural prescription which works with their body rather than altering the reactions of the body.

Homeopathy works by stimulating the self healing mechanism, asking it to reboot the hormonal balance and correct itself.  There are particular remedies which help address the cause of the problem and others which help relieve the symptoms at the time of suffering.

Taking a homeopathic remedy allows you to choose one which is right for you and your symptoms.  There is no "one size fits all," the remedies are chosen to match you and your symptoms exactly so if three people come with a similar symptom, they will each receive a different remedy because the cause of the symptom may well be very different from the next person.

Here are some examples of useful homeopathic remedies for pain relief for pmt:

Sepia - One of the main women’s remedies sepia is useful for people who have never been well since puberty, childbirth or weaning. With tiredness, exhaustion and dragging down sensations, sepia is useful for those who become angry, sensitive or irritable before their period.

Lachasis - For those whose symptoms are relieved the moment of flow beginning. With ovarian and uterine pains and for menopausal problems such as palpitations, hot flushes and haemorrhages, worse with tight clothing!

Chamomilla - Intolerable pains making you scream out loud. Profuse discharge of dark clotted blood. Cold limbs and very thirsty. May get angry because of the sensitivity to pain.

Belladonna - With dragging pains in the abdomen and/or severe cutting pains going from hip to hip, you would think of belladonna if it feels like a burning heat, throbbing, red and hot. Pain in the sacrum, and heavy throbbing breasts.

Nux vomica - When periods are irregular, last too long or come to early. May experience fainting spells at the onset of menses.

Pulsatilla - Puberty was late, tearful with each cycle, moody, with changeable wandering pains.

Cimicifuga - Pains right across the pelvis from hip to hip, debilitating pain. Ovarian neuralgia, groin pain.

Colocynthis - Boring pain in ovaries which may be relieved by bending over double, pressure relieves some of the pain. History of ovarian cysts. Cramp like pain, sciatic pain in the left side.

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