Regulating your monthly cycle

Regulating your monthly cycle with Homeopathy

We have been told for too many years that we must put up with the pains and tribulations of our monthly cycle.  We have been told it is normal to suffer pains, nausea, clotting, migraines, cramps, prolonged flow, irregular cycles, bleeding in between periods, ovulation distress, bloating, mood swings and so on.

If we complain about these symptoms we can, at best expect to be given artificial hormones which will suppress the symptoms but not address the cause of the problem.

With homeopathy we are able to consider the cause and we are able to find remedies which can help rebalance hormones and regulate our cycles.  In most cases we can reduce the pain, reduce heavy flow and calm mood swings.  If we are able to treat the symptoms as a whole picture, taking everything into consideration we can address the cause of the imbalance in order to achieve long lasting results and enabling full recovery on many levels.

Regulating your monthly cycle with Homeopathic Remedies - Mary Greensmith Homeopathy

What is normal?
With homeopathy we find that NOTHING is normal as far as our cycles are concerned and we each experience the symptoms in a different way and therefore require different treatments.  Often we need a hormone shakeup to remind the body how it should be balanced but what ever the remedy, many clients are overwhelmed by the fact that the pain reduces and life becomes more bearable in a very short space of time.

There are many, many remedies which are used to help reduce pain and heavy flow so I though I would share some of the details of the remedies so that you can see how each of your symptoms are part of the whole picture and are so important when finding you a remedy to achieve long lasting results!

Finding the remedies to help
The questions I ask in order to find the right remedy to help relieve pain and reduce heavy flow are:

  1.  How long in between cycles? 
  2. How long does the flow last?
  3. Is the pain worse before, during or after the period?
  4. Is the pain relieved when the flow starts?
  5. How heavy is the flow?
  6. Is there bleeding in between the periods?
  7. How do you feel in the run up to and during your period?
  8. Explain the pain you feel.
    Does it move?
    Does it go from one place to another?
    Do you get other symptoms at the same time?
    When does it start and stop?
    What makes is better?
    What makes it worse?
    When did you start to get pain or heavy periods?
  9. What other symptoms do you experience?  (ie/ nausea, breast pain, headaches, irritability?)

You can see that we need to go into quite a bit of detail to find remedies which will help you.  

Here are a list of readily available first aid remedies which you can use safely at home. 

Lachasis …. symptoms all relieved when flow begins.  Uterine and ovary pain, vertex headache, fainting spells, all worse from pressure from tight clothing

Mag sulph …. pre menstrual nausea.  Pain in lower back and thighs, bleeding between menses.

Mag phos … Menstrual colic and cramps before the flow starts. Bloated, full sensation in abdomen. Cutting pain into thighs.  Better for applying heat. Intense pain in swollen labia

Sepia … dragging down pains. Feel flat, disinterested in others during menstrual cycle. Profuse or scanty bleeding.  Griping pains

Colocynthis … Agonising pains that are better for bending double. Intense abdominal pains accompanied by nausea and vomiting.  Boring pains in the ovaries, better with pressure. Cramping pains in the hips, comes in waves.

Chamomilla …. Intolerable sharp pain makes you cry out.  Profuse dark blood with clots.  Griping pain in the naval area and the small of the back, loins and hips.

Sabina … pain between sacrum and pubis. Profuse, heavy bleeding worse from motion.  Uterine pains extend down into the thighs

Belladonna … Bright red blood that comes early or gushes hot.   A cutting pain from hip to hip. Pain in sacrum. Breast feel hard, heavy, red and hot.   Throbbing headache

Addressing the Cause of the Issue
As a homeopath I am looking to address the cause of the issue and so, as well as prescribing first aid remedies to get you through the day I will prescribe remedies that match with all of your symptoms and hormone balance.

I may want to use remedies such as folliculinum, or hormones such as oestrogen or progesterone which regulate the period and brings it back to a manageable level.  If you have a diagnosis (or your have symptoms relating to) fibroids, cysts, tumours, endometriosis or you have suffered from miscarriage, retained placenta, or other complications, we will choose a remedy which has this is the picture as well.

We often find that if you have suffered from heavy periods for a long period of time, you may also suffer from extreme tiredness, anaemia or other related symptoms.  If we can reduce the pain you experience you often find that suddenly you have more energy and feel much better as a whole.

How long does it all take?
Some remedies can work quite quickly and you will notice a change straight away.  This is often the case with first aid remedies.  For the deeper, longer lasting fix, other remedies work at addressing and correcting the imbalances that often go back many years.

If you have suffered for many years with painful and heavy periods, it may take 6 months to a year to get back on track.  Homeopathy works at your pace, in fact homeopathy is just stimulating your own self healing mechanism so it makes sense that your body decides how long the changes take.

For this reason, it is useful to use both first aid remedies and deeper acting remedies at the same time.  Your homeopath will advise on how to go about doing this and what to take when.

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