10 Questions often asked before deciding about a homeopathic consultation

Here are a few of the questions I am often asked before someone decides to  have a homeopathic consultation.  I thought I would share them and my usual answers with you.

1.   Can I continue with my normal medication?

Yes you can.  Your homeopath will not ask you to come off your normal medication.  Your Doctor needs to do that.   Sometimes your homeopath will advice you to have regular check ups to see if your medications are still necessary.  This is especially true with medications for blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Read more

2.    I don’t know what is wrong with me and the Dr’s don’t know either … do you think homeopathy can help?

With homeopathy we don’t need a diagnosis in order to prescribe.  The remedies are chosen to fit with your whole physical and emotional health.  The remedies work by stimulating your body to rebalance.  Your physical and emotional reactions are assessed in order to find the most suitable remedy.  More about the remedies

3.  Will you prescribe a constitutional remedy?

As a Classical Homeopath I will probably prescribe a constitutional remedy at some stage during your treatment.  I may also use other methods of prescribing depending on what is presented.  Other methods of prescribing include:  tautopathy, detoxing, nosodes, organ support remedies and first aid prescribing.   More about the consultation process

3.   Can you treat my animals?

In the UK only a Vet is allowed to treat other peoples animals with medications but I can help you treat your own animals.  I will charge a coaching fee instead of a consultation fee.
See more about my consultation fees

4.   How long will it take for me to get better?

Every one is different, most people will see improvements with the first few weeks.  In order for your body to begin the healing process the way you react physically and emotionally will change.  Click through to read some examples of what is noticed over the first few weeks. Read more

5.   Is it ok for me to continue with other natural therapies whilst taking homeopathy?

Usually the answer is yes, sometimes certain other energy therapies may be to much to have at the same time as homeopathy.  Please discuss your details with your homeopath.

6.   Can homeopathy help reduce the side effects of the drugs I have to take?

Yes, homeopathy is used to help people on longterm medications.  Some side effects continue to affect you even after stopping the medication and homeopathy can also help in these instances.   Homeopathy is also used to detox medications, vaccinations and anaesthetics.   Read more

7.   I have been told that my problem is not curable, how will homeopathy help?

Homeopathy can help make you more comfortable, have less pain and feel more at ease with your situation.  Homeopathy doesn’t cure people, it helps stimulate their own self healing system.  It is also used to reduce the side effects of drugs and improve your mental and emotional being.   Read more

8.   There is nothing wrong with me I am just very stressed, how can homeopathy help?

Homeopathy can help reduce stress, it can help change your reaction to the stressful situations around you and by changing your reaction you will also notice changes in the way other people talk to you, interact with you and the things they ask of you.   Homeopathy can really help you become less stressed no matter what is happening in your life.  It can also be used to help manage grief so that life is not overwhelming for you.
Read more about personalised prescribing

9.  Can you help me become pregnant?

Yes homeopathy can help you optimise fertility and prepare your body for pregnancy.  It is also really useful through pregnancy and childbirth as well as the first few weeks and months of parenting.   Read more about a consultation

10. Do you have special rates for treating the whole family?

Yes, I have family packages and also a reduced rate for joint follow up consultations.  Click through for details.

Please contact me if you have other questions you would like to ask or book a FREE 15 minute chat to discuss your health history.

For more information about the difference a consultation can make please click through here.


10 Questions often asked before deciding about a homeopathic consultation - with Mary Greensmith Homeopathy #homeopathy #consultation

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