Addressing the Cause of the Symptom

Addressing the Cause of the Symptom

Homeopathy can address the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing.  It doesn't just mask the symptoms, it asks the body to make changes, to have a different, a more appropriate response.

Sometimes people say

  • I have never been well since ...........
  • My mum had this as well
  • I know my symptoms started when I had that procedure or I went to that country

Whatever the cause of the symptom, homeopathy can be used to go back to that point and ask the body to remember how it responded before this point.

Whether you inherited a susceptibility to a particular symptom or disease, or something happened that knocked you off balance, your homeopath can select remedies to go back in time and reset your reactions.

Sometimes we find that multiple events have led to your current health picture.  When treated with one remedy a new picture emerges or rather a deeper picture is now visible and we are able to go back further and address the next blockage.

We find many people's health picture have built up over time rather like an onion, as we remove the outer layer we see a new layer that needs to be addressed.

To address the different layers of health we may use different methods of prescribing homeopathic remedies.  We may find it necessary to use nosodes, tautopathy, detoxing protocols, hormone remedies and many more.  We are all very different so have different requirements to return to health.

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