Homeopathy for the Family …. online course

Homeopathy for the Family .... online course 

Learn how to self prescribe homeopathy for you and your family.

Learn about Potency and Dose

Learn about first aid remedies, kits to keep at home, how to treat your pets.


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Here are some of the comments about the course:

"Absolutely love this course. I'm currently doing a diploma in homeopathy through another site but your course is broken down much better and I'm taking it in so much quicker. Fantastic thank you so much" EB

"I am trying to learn homeopathy on my own. All the friends think I'm crazy. Your page is the best, friendliest, most down to earth, and written at a great level. I absolutely love it. Thank you. I am plowing through Hahnemann, then not sure what to read". HF

I’m new to homeopathy and it’s sooo interesting! Love this course!! Thank you so much for it"! AN

"You are so wonderful! This course is a Godsend! I have been struggling trying to read Organon and spent thousands of dollars with doctors (including two homeopaths) in America and have learned more in an hour than all the rest put together"! DF

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