Homeopathy with other Medications

Can you use Homeopathy whilst taking Mainstream Medications?
When you begin working with a homeopath, you will not be asked to stop your current medications or health care programme.   You may be asked to have regular check ups with your physician to check that you still need the medication in the same doses as homeopathy may be able to kickstart your self healing mechanism to correct the underlying issues and so your medication requirements may change as treatment progresses.

Do you want to reduce your medications?
Homeopathy can be used to help you whilst you reduce your medications.  You will have to consult with your Doctor about the best way to reduce your medications but homeopathy can be used to help reduce side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

Can you use homeopathy instead of mainstream medications?
First aid remedies can be used to help relieve symptoms as they happen.  Working with a homeopath can help address the cause of the symptoms so that you don't get the symptoms after a few months of treatment.  For example, asthma can be treated with first aid remedies to take when you feel wheezy.  Working with a homeopath will address the cause of the asthma so that you don't get wheezy at all.   Read some testimonials

Can homeopathy help with symptoms caused by medications and vaccinations?
Homeopathy and tautopathy is often used to address symptoms and changes caused by not only medications or vaccinations but also the trauma of medical procedures or child birth or other traumatic events.

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